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International Health

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Global Disease Epidemiology and Control

Global Disease Epidemiology and Control program faculty improve techniques for prevention of morbidity and mortality caused by diseases affecting disadvantaged populations.


Social and Behavioral Interventions

Social and Behavioral Interventions program faculty conduct research and training on the development, implementation and evaluation of social science-based public health interventions.

Human Nutrition

Human Nutrition

The multidisciplinary nature of nutrition is reflected in the program's faculty, which includes pediatricians, biochemists, epidemiologists, physiologists, anthropologists, and biostatisticians.

Health Systems

Health Systems

Health Systems designs systems and implements equitable and cost-effective strategies for delivering health care interventions to disadvantaged and underserved communities in the U.S. and abroad.

Program Areas
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Full Time
Akum, Aveika Senior Research Associate
Ali, Mohammad Senior Scientist
Alikhani, Anna M. Visiting Research Associate
Allen, Katharine A. Assistant Scientist
Alleyne, George Visiting Professor
Alonge, Olakunle O. Assistant Professor
Amouzou, Agbessi Associate Professor
Asti, Lindsey Research Associate
Atwell, Jessica Assistant Scientist
Aung, Tricia Research Associate
Bachani, Abdulgafoor M. Assistant Professor
Baqui, Abdullah Professor
Barlow, Allison Associate Scientist
Bartsch, Sarah M. Research Associate
Bennett, Sara Professor
Black, Robert Professor
Bolton, Paul Anthony Senior Scientist
Bourgeois, Lou Senior Scientist
Brieger, William Professor
Brooks, Abdullah Associate Scientist
Brown, Laura Brooks Research Associate
Buckland, Audrey Research Associate
Burnham, Gilbert Professor
Caballero, Benjamin Professor - Emeritus
Carter, Emily D. Assistant Scientist
Caulfield, Laura Professor
Chakraborty, Subhra Assistant Scientist
Chambers, Rachel A. Research Associate
Charron, Karen R. Associate Lecturer
Chou, Victoria B. Assistant Scientist
Christian, Parul Professor
Chu, Yue Research Associate
Clark, Samantha Research Associate
Constenla, Dagna O. Associate Scientist
Creanga, Andreea A. Assistant Professor
Cuddy, Reese F. Research Associate
Cwik, Mary Associate Scientist
Daniels, Ronald J. Professor
Debes, Amanda K. Assistant Scientist
DeLuca, Andrea N. Senior Research Associate
Denison, Julie A. Assistant Professor
Doocy, Shannon Associate Professor
Douglass, Grace Research Associate
Durbin, Anna P. Professor
Edward, Anbrasi M. Associate Scientist
Ferguson, Marie Research Associate
Ford, Lindsey Plexico Research Associate
Fox, Monica Senior Research Associate
Francois, Ruthly Research Associate
Garcia Larsen, Vanessa Assistant Professor
Garza, Cutberto Visiting Professor
George, Christine Marie Assistant Professor
Gibson, Dustin Assistant Scientist
Gilman, Robert H. Professor
Gittelsohn, Joel Professor
Grant, Lindsay R. Assistant Scientist
Gupta, Shivam Assistant Scientist
Halsey, Neal Professor
Hammitt, Laura L. Assistant Professor
Harrison, Meagan Research Associate
Harvey, Steve Assistant Professor
Hayford, Kyla Assistant Scientist
Healy, Katherine E. Research Associate
Heidkamp, Rebecca A. Assistant Scientist
Higdon, Melissa Research Associate
Hobbs, Amy J. Research Associate
Hoe, Connie H. Assistant Scientist
Hollick, Rosemary Research Associate
Hosangadi, Divya Visiting Research Associate
Humphrey, Jean Professor
Hurley, Kristen Assistant Professor
Hyder, Adnan Ali Professor
Ingalls, Allison N. Research Associate
Jennings, Larissa Assistant Professor
Jennings, Mary Carol Assistant Scientist
Kalbarczyk, Anna Research Associate
Kang, Yunhee Assistant Scientist
Kante, Almamy Malick Associate Scientist
Kanyangarara, Mufaro Assistant Scientist
Karron, Ruth Professor
Katz, Joanne Professor
Kelahan, Heather Visiting Research Associate
Kennedy, Caitlin Elizabeth Associate Professor
Kenney, Anne F. Research Associate
Khanam, Rasheda Assistant Scientist
Kirk, Karen E. Research Associate
Knoll, Maria Deloria Associate Scientist
Koffi, Alain K. Assistant Scientist
Kosek, Margaret N. Associate Professor
Labrique, Alain Bernard Associate Professor
Lake, Kristin E. Senior Research Associate
Lee, Bruce Y. Associate Professor
Lee, Catherine Assistant Scientist
Lee, Sun-Eun Assistant Scientist
LeFevre, Amnesty E. Assistant Scientist
Leontsini, Elli Assistant Scientist
Lerman, Emily Research Associate
Li, Qingfeng Assistant Scientist
Limaye, Rupali J. Assistant Scientist
Maïga, Abdoulaye Assistant Scientist
Martin, Nina A. Research Associate
Marx, Melissa A. Assistant Professor
Maschino, Alexandra C. Research Associate
Mehmood, Amber Assistant Scientist
Mehra, Sucheta Research Associate
Merrill, Jamison Research Associate
Merritt, Maria Associate Professor
Mohan, Diwakar Assistant Scientist
Morgan, Rosemary Assistant Scientist
Moulton, Lawrence H. Professor
Mullany, Luke C. Professor
Munos, Melinda Kay Assistant Professor
Neault, Nicole B. Research Associate
Ngwa, Moise C. Assistant Scientist
Nibo, Jennifer Research Associate
Nonyane, Bareng Aletta Sanny Assistant Scientist
Norton, Kathleen A. Research Associate
O'Brien, Katherine Professor
Oloko, Oladeji K. Research Associate
Paichadze, Nino Assistant Scientist
Paina, Ligia Assistant Professor
Paina, Ligia Assistant Scientist
Palmer, Amanda C. Assistant Professor
Pariyo, George Senior Scientist
Park, Lois Research Associate
Perin, Jamie Assistant Scientist
Perry, Henry B. Senior Scientist
Peters, David Professor
Pierce, Nathaniel Professor - Emeritus
Privor-Dumm, Lois Senior Research Associate
Prosperi, Christine Research Associate
Rahman, M. Hafizur Assistant Scientist
Ram, Malathi Assistant Scientist
Rao, Krishna Dipankar Assistant Professor
Reid, Raymond Senior Research Associate
Requejo, Jennifer Harris Associate Scientist
Roberton, Timothy James Assistant Scientist
Robinson, Courtland Associate Professor
Rodriguez, Daniela C. Assistant Scientist
Rosenstock, Summer Assistant Scientist
Ruff, Andrea Associate Professor
Sabundayo, Beulah P. Senior Research Associate
Sack, David Professor
Saleem, Haneefa Visiting Assistant Professor
Salmon, Daniel Professor
Santosham, Mathuram Professor
Sauer, Molly Research Associate
Savchuk, Mariya Research Associate
Sawadogo-Lewis, Talata J. Research Associate
Schulze, Kerry Jean Associate Scientist
Shet, Anita Associate Scientist
Siegmund, Sheryl Research Associate
So, Anthony D. Professor of the Practice
Speakman, Kristen Research Associate
Spiegel, Paul B. Professor of the Practice
Surkan, Pamela J. Associate Professor
Talaat, Kawsar R. Associate Scientist
Tam, Yvonne Yin On Research Associate
Thorne-Lyman, Andrew L. Associate Scientist
Thumar, Bhagvanji G. Research Associate
Tingey, Lauren L. Assistant Scientist
Trosclair, Katherine Research Associate
Trujillo, Antonio J. Associate Professor
VanDeRiet, Dan Research Associate
Vigil, Erin Research Associate
Wadhwaniya, Shirin Research Associate
Walker, Neff Senior Scientist
Walls, Melissa L. Visiting Associate Professor
Weatherholtz, Robert Senior Research Associate
Wedlock, Patrick T. Research Associate
Weeks, Rose Reis Research Associate
Weiss, William Associate Scientist
West, Keith P. Professor
Wilson, Emily B. Research Associate
Winch, Peter Professor
Wonodi, Chizoba Barbara Assistant Scientist
Wu, Lee Shu-Fune Senior Research Associate
Yori, Pablo Peñataro Senior Research Associate
Younkin, Julie B. Research Associate
Zeller, Kelsey L Research Associate
Part Time
Adeyi, Olusoji Senior Associate
Agarwal, Koki Senior Associate
Ahmed, Nawshad Uddin Associate
Akhter, Halida Hanum Senior Associate
Al Mahmud, Arif Billah Associate
Alam, Munirul Senior Associate
Alemka Foretia, Denis Associate
Ali, Hasmot Associate
Ali, Joseph Associate
Alroy, Karen Ann Associate
Arifeen, Shams El Associate
Azad, Azaduzzaman Associate
Baldeviano, G. Christian Associate
Bartlett, Linda A. Senior Associate
Bazant, Eva Associate
Beebe, Madeleine Associate
Bern, Caryn Associate
Bhattacharya, Sangeeta Das Associate
Bhutta, Zulfiqar Professor - Adjunct
Black, Maureen Professor - Adjunct
Black, Steven Senior Associate
Blazes, David L. Associate
Bloem, Martin W. Associate Professor - Adjunct
Bluestone, Julia Associate
Bonu, Sekhar Senior Associate
Bouchet, Bruno Associate
Bradt, David A. Senior Associate
Breman, Joel G. Senior Associate
Brewer, Janesse Associate
Broughton, Edward I. Associate
Bryant, John H. Senior Associate
Bryce, Jennifer Senior Associate
Burkle, Frederick Senior Associate
Callaghan-Koru, Jennifer A. Associate
Cama, Vitaliano A. Associate
Caron, Nadine Associate
Chandir, Subhash Associate
Chaudhary, Monika Associate
Cherewick, Megan Associate
Cherian, Thomas Senior Associate
Coberly, Jacqueline Associate
Cobey, James C. Senior Associate
Coles, Christian L. Associate Professor - Adjunct
Cotter, Caitlin Associate
Cueva, Katie M. Associate
Dana-Sacco, Gail Associate
Dare, Degu Jerene Associate
Dawson, Harry Dale Associate
De Luca, Luigi Senior Associate
Deshpande, Nilesh V. Associate
DiPietro, Gayle Associate
Dueger, Erica Lynn Assistant Professor - Adjunct
Duggan, Christopher Paul Associate
Eichler, Rena Senior Associate
Eisele, Thomas Professor - Adjunct
Eng, Maria Karla Lin Associate
Engineer, Cyrus Y. Assistant Professor - Adjunct
Evans, Carlton A. W. Associate
Everly, George S. Professor - Adjunct
Fallah-Fini, Saeideh Assistant Professor - Adjunct
Feikin, Daniel Ross Associate Professor - Adjunct
Ferrer, Patricia Associate
Fillmore, Capri-Mara Associate
Fischer Walker, Christa Associate
Fogarty, Linda Senior Associate
Friberg, Ingrid Kristina Associate
Fritz, Katherine E. Assistant Professor - Adjunct
Garcia, Hector Professor - Adjunct
Ghaffar, Abdul Associate
Gidada, Berhanu Gudetta Associate
Glenn, Gregory M. Associate
Gonzalez Zariquiey, Armando E. Associate
Grover, Surbhi Associate
Gwatkin, Davidson R. Senior Associate
Halpern, Jane L. Associate
Hansen, Peter M. Associate
Harris, Stewart Associate
Harrison, Lee H. Professor - Adjunct
Harrison, Oliver Associate
He, Huan Associate
Heiby, James R. Senior Associate
Hill, Kyle X. Associate
Ho, Lara S. Associate
Hoffman, Michael H. Associate
Hofman, Karen J. Associate
Hughes, Michelle M. Associate
Hussain, Hamidah Farid Associate
Jain, Nutan Prabha Associate
Jiwani, Safia Associate
Joarder, Taufique Assistant Professor - Adjunct
John, Jacob Senior Associate
Jones-Smith, Jessica C. Associate Professor - Adjunct
Joshi, Suresh Senior Associate
Kabue, Mark M. Associate
Kalter, Henry D. Associate
Kanjilal, Barun Senior Associate
Kaysin, Smisha Agarwal Associate
Khalequzzaman, Mohammad Associate
Khan, Aamir Associate
Khanna, Anoop Associate
Khatry, Subarna K. Assistant Professor - Adjunct
Kita, Etsuko Senior Associate
Klemm, Rolf D. W. Senior Associate
Koehlmoos, Tracey Perez Associate
Kohlstadt, Ingrid Associate
Kozuki, Naoko Associate
Kraemer, Klaus Associate Professor - Adjunct
Krain, Lisa J. Associate
Kumar, Dhirendra Associate
Kumar, Vinod Associate
Kushner, Adam L. Associate
Lackey, Lynne Associate
Laing, Richard O. Senior Associate
Lal, Vivek Associate
Lanata, Claudio Associate
Laxminarayan, Ramanan Senior Associate
LeClerq, Steven C. Associate
Lee, Anne C. C. Associate
Lee, Katherine Associate
Lee, Myung Associate
Leon-Barua, Raul Senior Associate
Lerner, Richard Associate
Lescano, Andres G. Associate Professor - Adjunct
Levine, Orin S. Senior Associate
Levy, Michael Z. Associate
Lewy, Daniela Associate
Loevinsohn, Benjamin P. Senior Associate
Luna, Jennifer Winestock Associate
Luquero Alcalde, Francisco Javier Associate
Ma, Sai Associate
Maguire, James H. Associate
Mangal, Daya Krishan Senior Associate
Mann, Monika Associate
Marcus, Rachel R. Associate
Mayta, Holger Associate
Mbuya, Mduduzi N. N. Associate
McGrath, Monica Associate
McMahon, Shannon Associate
McNabb, Marion E. Associate
Mehta, Seema Associate
Merali, Hasan Associate
Merrill, Rebecca Day Associate
Miller, Nathan P. Associate
Mobula, Linda Meta Associate
Moen, Ahmed Senior Associate
Moore, David A. Associate
Mueller, Leslie Associate
Mullany, Britta C. Associate
Murdoch, David Roger Senior Associate
Murray-Kolb, Laura E. Assistant Professor - Adjunct
Nachega, Jean B. Associate Professor - Adjunct
Nair, Divya Associate
Najali, Afshan Associate
Newberry, David Associate
Neyra, Ricardo Castillo Associate
Niessen, Louis W. Professor - Adjunct
Noazin, Sassan Associate
Nolan, Leo J. Associate
Nuamah, Kwaku Senior Associate
Nyenswah, Tolbert G. Associate
Olortegui, Maribel Paredes Associate
Omaswa, Francis Senior Associate
Omer, Saad B. Professor - Adjunct
Ortega, Ynes Rosa Associate
Pajuelo, Monica J. Associate
Pan, William Kuang-Yao Assistant Professor - Adjunct
Park, Daniel E. Associate
Peden, Mary Margaret Associate
Perrin, Pierre Associate
Pietzsch, Miriam Associate
Plotkin, Stanley A. Professor - Adjunct
Pongpirul, Krit Associate
Portnoy, Allison Associate
Pratt, Bridget Associate
Prendergast, Andrew Associate
Purohit, Neetu Associate
Puvanachandra, Prasanthi Associate
Qadri, Firdausi Senior Associate
Qiang, Yandong Associate
Quaiyum, Muhammad Associate
Rabadan-Diehl, Cristina Senior Associate
Redmond, Cleve Associate
Retzky, Sandra Senior Associate
Richards, Jennifer Associate
Ritchie, Nina Mayer Associate
Roberts, Leslie Associate
Roessler, Kristen C. Associate
Rowe, Jack S. Associate
Sacks, Emma Associate
Sacksteder, Katherine A. Associate
Sadhu, Goutam Associate
Saha, Samir Associate
Saito, Mayuko Associate
Salmón-Mulanovich, Gabriela Associate
Sandiford, Debora Associate
Sanghvi, Harshadkumar C. Senior Associate
Sazawal, Sunil Senior Associate
Schleiff, Meike Jill Associate
Schmidt, Mary E. Associate
Schuh, Holly B. Associate
Scott, Anthony Associate
Scott, Kerry E. Associate
Sethi, Reena Associate
Shaikh, Saijuddin Associate
Shaikh, Yahya Associate
Shamim, Abu Ahmed Associate
Shearer, Jessica C. Associate
Shen, Angela Senior Associate
Shorr, Irwin Senior Associate
Siber, George Professor - Adjunct
Sidhu, Lakhwinder Paul Singh Senior Associate
Silva, Romesh Associate
Simmons, Nicole Associate
Singh, Jagajeet Prasad Associate
Singh, Namrita S. Associate
Singh, Neelu Associate
Smith, Phillip L. Associate
Sodani, PR Associate
Sorkin, Alan Professor - Adjunct
Stake, Stephen Associate
Steinhoff, Mark C. Professor - Adjunct
Storms, Doris Senior Associate
Streeck, Hendrik Associate
Sutherland, Andrea Renee Associate
Sweat, Michael D. Professor - Adjunct
Talegawkar, Sameera A. Associate Professor - Adjunct
Tanana, Heather J. Associate
Tappis, Hannah L. Associate
Tholandi, Maya Associate
Tielsch, James Professor - Adjunct
Tribble, David R. Associate
Tulenko, Kate Associate
Vanegas, Sarah M. Associate
Vannice, Kirsten S. Associate
Vasudevan, Lavanya Associate
Vecino-Ortiz, Andres I. Associate
Ververs, Mija-Tesse Senior Associate
Victora, Cesar G. Professor - Adjunct
Vignola, Emilia F. Associate
Vittor, Amy Yomiko Associate
Walker, Damian G. Senior Associate
Walkup, John T. Professor - Adjunct
Wang, Thomas T. Y. Associate Professor - Adjunct
Wasantwisut, Emorn Associate Professor - Adjunct
Wasserman, Ellen E. Associate
Watt, James Associate
Western, Karl Associate
Wilson, David Ryan Associate
Wysong, Megan Diane Associate
Yazbeck, Abdo S. Senior Associate
Yunus, Muhammad Senior Associate
Zewdu, Solomon Associate
Anderson, Gerard Professor Bloomberg School of Public Health
Appel, Lawrence J. Professor School of Medicine
Bayram, Jamil D. Assistant Professor School of Medicine
Becker, Stan Professor Bloomberg School of Public Health
Bentley, Jacob A. Assistant Professor School of Medicine
Beyrer, Chris Professor Bloomberg School of Public Health
Bhat, Niranjan Assistant Professor School of Medicine
Bishai, David M. Professor Bloomberg School of Public Health
Bishai, William R. Professor School of Medicine
Bollinger, Robert Professor School of Medicine
Bream, Jay H. Associate Professor Bloomberg School of Public Health
Bridges, John F. P. Associate Professor Bloomberg School of Public Health
Celentano, David D. Professor Bloomberg School of Public Health
Chaisson, Richard E. Professor School of Medicine
Chang, Larry Williams Associate Professor School of Medicine
Checkley, William Associate Professor School of Medicine
Cheskin, Lawrence J. Associate Professor Bloomberg School of Public Health
Cooper, David S. Professor School of Medicine
D'Souza, Gypsyamber Associate Professor Bloomberg School of Public Health
Doherty, Meg C. Assistant Professor School of Medicine
Dorman, Susan E. Associate Professor School of Medicine
Dowdy, David W. Associate Professor Bloomberg School of Public Health
Duggal, Priya Associate Professor Bloomberg School of Public Health
Epstein, Joshua M. Professor School of Medicine
Fahey, Jed W. Assistant Professor School of Medicine
Fanzo, Jessica Associate Professor School of Advanced International Studies
Farzin, Azadeh Assistant Professor School of Medicine
Flexner, Charles Professor School of Medicine
Fowler, Mary Glenn Professor School of Medicine
Friedman, David Professor School of Medicine
Glass, Nancy E. Associate Professor School of Nursing
Golub, Jonathan E. Associate Professor School of Medicine
Goodyear, James D. Senior Lecturer Krieger School of Arts and Sciences
Gray, Ronald Professor Bloomberg School of Public Health
Gupta, Amita Associate Professor School of Medicine
Hansoti, Bhakti Associate Professor School of Medicine
Heaney, Christopher D. Associate Professor Bloomberg School of Public Health
Holmes, Charles Bradford Associate Professor School of Medicine
Hynes, Noreen A. Associate Professor School of Medicine
Igusa, Takeru Professor School of Education
Jain, Sanjay Associate Professor School of Medicine
Karakousis, Petros C. Associate Professor School of Medicine
Kerrigan, Deanna L. Associate Professor Bloomberg School of Public Health
Kirsch, Thomas Dean Associate Professor School of Medicine
Ladenson, Paul Professor School of Medicine
Latif, Asad Assistant Professor School of Medicine
Lehmann, Harold P. Associate Professor School of Medicine
Liu, Li Assistant Professor Bloomberg School of Public Health
Manabe, Yukari Carol Professor School of Medicine
McCollum, Eric Douglass Instructor School of Medicine
McKenzie, Robin Assistant Professor School of Medicine
Moran, Timothy H. Professor School of Medicine
Moss, William John Professor Bloomberg School of Public Health
Navarro, Vicente Professor Bloomberg School of Public Health
Nelson, Kenrad Professor Bloomberg School of Public Health
Norris, Douglas E. Professor Bloomberg School of Public Health
Nuermberger, Eric L. Associate Professor School of Medicine
Packard, Randall M. Professor Krieger School of Arts and Sciences
Paige, David Professor Bloomberg School of Public Health
Persaud, Deborah Associate Professor School of Medicine
Pham, Kiemanh Assistant Professor School of Medicine
Poteat, Tonia C. Assistant Professor Bloomberg School of Public Health
Quinn, Thomas Professor School of Medicine
Razzak, Junaid A. Professor School of Medicine
Robin, Alan Lee Associate Professor School of Medicine
Rompalo, Anne Marie Professor School of Medicine
Sauer, Lauren M. Research Associate School of Medicine
Scott, Alan L. Professor Bloomberg School of Public Health
Sellmeyer, Deborah Associate Professor School of Medicine
Semba, Richard Professor School of Medicine
Seymour, Anne K. Assistant Professor School of Medicine
Sommer, Alfred Professor Bloomberg School of Public Health
Stevens, Kent A. Assistant Professor School of Medicine
Talalay, Paul Professor School of Medicine
Veenema, Tener Goodwin Associate Professor School of Nursing
Vu, Alexander Assistant Professor School of Medicine
Watkins, Paul Professor School of Medicine
Wissow, Lawrence Professor School of Medicine
Witter, Frank Professor School of Medicine
Wood, Robert A. Professor School of Medicine
Wu, Albert Professor Bloomberg School of Public Health
Zeger, Scott L. Professor Bloomberg School of Public Health
Zenilman, Jonathan Professor School of Medicine