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Health Policy and Management

MSPH Program Curriculum
AY 2015-16

AY 2014-15 Summer
550.860.82 Academic & Research Ethics Introduction to On-line Learning Sexual Harassment and Sexual Violence Prevention Training

First Term
140.621.01 Statistical Methods in Public Health I (4)
308.867.01 MSPH Seminar (1)
318.600.01 Introduction to Policy (3)
340.721.60 Epidemiologic Inference in Public Health I (5)
300.731.01 Policy Communications (3)
318.603.01 Applied Microeconomics for Policy Making (3)

Second Term
140.622.01 Statistical Methods in Public Health II (4)
300.651.01 Introduction to the US Health Care System (4)
308.867.01 MSPH Seminar (1)
300.712.01 Formulating Policy (3)

Third Term
140.623.01 Statistical Methods in Public Health III (4)
300.714.01 Policy Analysis (3)
306.650.01 Public Health and the Law (3)
308.867.01 MSPH Seminar (1)
300.713.01 Research and Evaluation Methods for Health Policy I (3)

Fourth Term
140.624.01 Statistical Methods in Public Health IV (4)
300.715.01 Research and Evaluation Methods for Health Policy II (3)
308.867.01 MSPH Seminar (1)

In addition to the above, students must complete one of the following options FROM EACH CATEGORY to meet the required Social and Behavioral Sciences, Management and Environmental Health distribution requirements by the conclusion of the 4th term of the first year.

Course options to meet the Social and Behavioral Sciences Requirement:
330.661 Social, Psychological and Developmental Processes in Etiology of Mental Disorders (3)( 3rd term in-person and on-line)
410.613 Psychosocial Factors in Health and Illness (3) (3rd term in-person)
410.651 Health Literacy: Challenges and Strategies for Effective Communication (3) (3rd term in-person)
410.625 Injury Prevention: Behavioral Sciences Theories and Applications (3) (4th term in-person)
410.620 Program Planning for Health Behavior Change (3) (4th term on-line)

Course options to meet the Environmental Health Requirement:
180.629 Environmental & Occupation Health Law & Policy (4) (3rd term in-person)
180.660 Introductory Principles of Environmental Health (3) (3rd term in-person)
180.628 Introduction to Environmental & Occupational Health Law (4) (4th term on-line)
182.625 Principles of Occupational & Environmental Hygiene (4) (4th term on-line)

Course options to meet the Management Requirement:
312.603 Fundamentals of Budgeting & Financial Management (3) (2nd, 3rd, 4th term on-line)
312.621 Strategic Planning (3) (3rd term in-person)
318.625 Management of Non-Profit Organizations (3) (4th term in-person)

A minimum of 64 credits, including all of the core requirements, must be satisfactorily completed in order to proceed to the second year field placement. Students can choose their remaining elective coursework in consultation with their program advisors; students are not permitted to register for more than 22 credits per term.

AY 2016-17
308.810.01 Field Placement (16)

Each term of the second year, students must register for the course MSPH Field Placement in Health Policy, 308.810, for 16 credits. It is the student’s responsibility to register for each term of field placement during normal registration periods. Any fees charged due to late registration are the responsibility of the student.