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Health Policy & Management

MPP Program Curriculum
Academic Year 2016/17

The MPP requires the completion of at least 96 credits of didactic coursework.

AY 2016-17 Summer

550.860.82 Academic & Research Ethics Introduction to On-line Learning Sexual Harassment and Sexual Violence Prevention Training

First Term

300.731.01 Policy Communications (3)
318.610.01 Statistical Analysis I (3)
550.862.81 Current Issues in Public Health (1)
318.603.01 Applied Microeconomics for Policy Making (3)
318.867.01 MPP Graduate Seminar (2)

Second Term

300.712.01 Formulating Policy (3)
318.611.01 Statistical Analysis II (3)
318.867.01 MPP Graduate Seminar (2)
550.865.81 Public Health Perspectives on Research (2) Elective (3)

Third Term

300.714.01 Policy Analysis (3)
318.612.01 Statistical Analysis III (3)
318.621.01 Data Analysis Workshop I (3)
318.867.01 MPP Graduate Seminar (2) Elective (3)

Fourth Term

318.613.01 Statistical Analysis IV (3)
318.622.01 Data Analysis Workshop II (3) Electives (6)

AY 2017/18 First Term

318.615.01 Program Evaluation I (3)
318.810.01 MPP Field Placement (3) Electives (6)

Second Term

318.616.01 Program Evaluation for Public Policy II (3)
318.810.01 MPP Field Placement (3)
306.625.01 Ethical Issues in Health Policy (3) Electives (3 credit minimum) (3)

Third Term Specialization and Elective Courses (12)

Fourth Term Specialization and Elective Courses (12)

Throughout the entire program, MPP students are required to maintain a 12-credit course load for each of the four terms during the academic year. In addition to the core program requirements, all MPP students are required to select an area of concentration.

Elective Options

Each student is required to select either a substantive field of policy or a particular analytic area for special focus. Students will work with their advisor and program director to identify their area of special focus and the courses by which exposure and expertise will be obtained. Students will have their formal course plan for the two year program established and approved by the program director no later than the last day of classes in the 2nd term of the first year.