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Health Policy and Management


What is the difference between the PhD and DrPH in Health Policy and Management?

The PhD program prepares students for careers as advanced researchers and academicians.  The DrPH program in Health Care Management and Leadership is designed to prepare individuals for leadership positions in healthcare organizations.

Is the part-time DrPH in Healthcare Management and Leadership available on-line?

No, the DrPH program in this department is only available in-person.

Can one complete the program on a full-time basis?

Yes, this is an option.

When are classes offered?

Most classes are offered in Baltimore, on the Medical School campus, during the traditional academic day.  Some classes may be taken on-line or through Institute periods.  (click here for more information on the Health Policy and Management and Biostatistics and Epidemiology Institutes).

Are courses available on the weekend?

No, courses available in Baltimore are offered during the day or early evening.  The part-time nature of the program allows students to enroll in courses while continuing to work.

What is the number of credits required to complete the part-time DrPH program?

Depending on what prior master/s degrees the applicant holds, the number of credits will vary.  At the time of admission, prior to matriculation, the DrPH program will review your transcripts and determine what courses are needed. A minimum of 75 credits must be taken while officially enrolled in the DrPH program.

How long does it take to complete the part-time DrPH program?

One must complete the coursework on a part-time basis and sit for preliminary oral exams within four years of matriculation.  It is possible to complete the DrPH, including dissertation work, within a five to nine-year period.  Students will have up to nine years, if needed, to complete the program requirements.

Is funding available for the part-time DrPH program?

Unfortunately, there is No funding available for part-time students.  The program is designed to be completed on a part-time basis by students who are employed full-time.

Are GRE or GMAT scores required?

Yes, all applicants, regardless of their academic or professional background, must submit official scores less than 5 years old.

The requirement for admission to the program includes a previous masters degree whose courses meet the core MPH competencies.  What are the core MPH competencies?

The MPH core competencies can be found on the MPH program site here.