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Health Policy and Management

HPM DrPH Concentration Frequently Asked Questions

What is the structure of the part-time DrPH program?

The school-wide DrPH program is offered primarily online, supplemented by required in person course work in summer and winter institutes. The institutes will meet on-site in Baltimore during the first and second year of the program, otherwise DrPH courses for the core and all four concentrations will run in online format. Summer institutes are expected to last approximately one week each June, and consist of orientation (first year), networking between faculty and students, and 2 required DrPH core courses. Winter institutes will be similar in nature, running for 5 days in January.

Can the program be completed on a full-time basis?

We anticipate that the very large majority of students entering the DrPH program will be part-time students, but in certain exceptional cases it may be possible to admit a student on a full-time basis, if this is necessary to meet funding requirements. Please contact the program office if you are interested in pursuing the DrPH program as a full-time student.

Are GRE or GMAT scores required?

Yes, all applicants, regardless of their academic or professional background, must submit official scores less than 5 years old. We cannot accept MCAT scores in lieu of GRE or GMAT scores. Exceptions or waivers of GRE or GMAT scores will only be granted in rare cases, such as when conditions within a specific country or region may make it physically prohibitive for an applicant to take or retake the exam. Given the typical student profile, advanced degrees and duration of professional experience do not qualify applicants for waiver of test scores.

What are MPH equivalent degrees?

Applicants who have completed an applied Masters degree in a topic relevant to public health (such as health service administration, environmental health, or similar) will be considered eligible for the program as they have a degree which is equivalent to an MPH. However such students may need to take additional courses to make up for any gaps in their learning.

Is funding available for the part-time DrPH program?

There is currently no funding available for part-time students.  The program is designed to be completed on a part-time basis by students who are employed full-time. The DrPH program office continues to explore possible funding opportunities that could be made available for our students in the future.