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Environmental Health Sciences

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tangWinnie Wan-yee Tang, PhD
Assistant Professor
Department of Environmental Health Sciences

Dr. Tang received her PhD from the Chinese University of Hong Kong in 2004. For four years, Dr. Tang was a Research Associate at the University of Cincinnati College of Medicine in the Department of Environmental Health. Prior to that position, she was a post-doctoral fellow for two years in the laboratory of Dr. Shuk-mei Ho at the University of Massachusetts Medical School and then in her lab when she moved to the University of Cincinnati College of Medicine.

Winnie's current research focuses on deciphering how environmental chemicals like xenoestrogen or heavy metals alter the epigenome via DNA de/methylation and induce chromatin remodeling, leading to cancer or other common diseases like asthma and cardiovascular disease. Her ultimate goal is to translate her epigenetic studies to greater community.

Outside lab, she likes cooking, reading, yoga and watching movies (especially Sci-Fi movies).

tynaTyna Dao, BS
PhD Student
Molecular & Translational Toxicology

Tyna graduated with a Bachelor of Science from University of California Berkeley before moving to Washington D.C. to work for the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). At the FDA, she developed computational toxicology models to predict the pulmonary toxicity of pharmaceuticals and reviewed toxicological studies on food additives.

She is currently working in Dr. Tang's lab examining the effects of environmental exposures to a common allergen, house dust mite, to induce aberrant changes in lung function through epigenetic mechanisms. When she's not in lab, she enjoys cooking, reading and playing tennis. Tyna is a 2013 Johns Hopkins Sommer Scholar.

JamesNathachit 'James' Limjunyawong, BS
PhD Student
Respiratory Biology and Lung Disease

James received his Bachelor of Science in Biology from Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok, Thailand. Since 2010, he has joined Program in Respiratory Biology and Lung disease as a graduate student.

James' current area of research is focusing on the pathogenesis of chronic lung diseases particularly COPD, asthma and idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis. He is also interested in how environmental pollutants such as ozone can cause lung tissue damage. This includes the interdisciplinary approaches from the molecular and immunological mechanisms, pathophysiology as well as epigenetic alteration.

Merricka Livingstone, BS
PhD Rotation Studentmerrika
Molecular and Translational Toxicology

Merricka is a first year doctoral student from Palm Bay, Florida. She graduated with a Bachelors of Science in Chemistry from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

During her rotation in Dr. Tang's lab, Merricka is focusing on the modulation of  lung gene expression by oxidative stress.

Her hobbies/interests include playing soccer, dancing, and trying new cuisines.

Melanie Nembhard, BSMelanie
Research Assistant
MSPH Student
Occupational and Environmental Hygiene

Melanie graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Biology and minor in Comparative Literature from the University of Georgia. She is currently a 2nd year master's student in the Occupational and Environmental Hygiene program. She is in the process of completing two certificates along with her MSPH degree. She assists with a variety of projects in Dr. Tang's lab.

When not in lab, Melanie's hobbies consist of reading, watching television and movies and hanging out with friends.