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Program on Global Sustainability and Health



Master's and doctoral students at the the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health are working on important research projects that address many of the issues of global environmental change. Examples include the following:


Graduate Students

Health Professionals


A conference held in April 2007, The Heat is Rising: What You Need to Know about Climate Change and Public Health, brought together more than 200 health professionals, academics and students to learn more about global environmental change.

A conference held in March 2009, Peak Oil and Health, involved over 250 health professionals, academics and students, to bring attention to our coming energy challenges and the relevance of these issues to public health and health care.


Dr. Brian S. Schwartz and Dr. Cindy L. Parker represent the public health perspective on the Maryland Climate Change Commission, a panel of climate change content experts and stakeholders established by Maryland Governor Martin O'Malley to determine the best course of action for Maryland to follow to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions. Dr. Parker is a member of the Mitigation Working Group and serves on the Forestry, Agriculture, and Waste sub-group, and the Crosscutting Issues sub-group. Dr. Schwartz is a member of the Science and Technical Working Group.

Dr. Parker reviewed the science behind the various climate change bills introduced recently in Congress, as well as Maryland's efforts, through the Maryland Climate Change Commission, to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the absence of definitive federal action.