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Environmental Health and Engineering

Training Opportunities

Short Courses

These courses are fully accredited JHSPH Courses, taught in an intensive format. Courses are taught in English and cover a range of introductory and advanced topics. Every year, there are courses available in the Fall Institute in Barcelona, Spain and in the Summer Institute in Baltimore.

Short-Term Fellowships

These fellowships are designed for public health researchers to gain specialized experience in topics such as data analysis, methods in exposure assessment, geostatistics, design of observational studies, analytic methods for biomarkers, environmental sampling. The topics will be individually designed to provide advanced training relevant to the interests and needs of each candidate. Attendees will also gain training in writing scientific papers, searching the biomedical literature, preparing grants, lab safety, and certification in human subjects research, lab safety, and bioethics. Research fellowships are mentored by JHSPH faculty.

Master's Degree - Master of Science in Public Health (MSPH)

Qualified applicants will be supported (tuition and stipend, as well as travel from Mongolia to Baltimore) to enroll in the MSPH program at JHSPH. In addition, Master's degree students may obtain certificates of training in Risk Sciences and Public Policy or Environmental and Occupational Health (exposure assessment, in the MSPH program). These students may be eligible for admission to the PhD program after completing the Master's degree.

The MSPH in Occupational and Environmental Hygiene degree is a one and half to two year program, with a required research paper. The first year of will be spent in full-time coursework at JHSPH. The second year of the MSPH will require design and conduct of research projects to be carried out in Mongolia. These projects must be relevant to the focus on this project, on environmental/occupational risk factors for CVD. Academic mentors will be JHSPH faculty; research mentors will be HSUM-SPH faculty.