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Environmental Health and Engineering

Admissions Criteria

The Certificate in Humane Sciences and Toxicology Policy is open to non-degree and degree students at the Bloomberg School.

Any student may register and complete the certificate program as a Special Student Limited. However, such students may pursue courses in only one certificate in the School. Admission to the Department as a Special Student Regular or degree candidate is required for individuals wishing to enroll in coursework beyond that required by the Certificate Program.

Degree-seeking students in a master’s or doctoral program at the School can also enroll in the program as part of their training. All students pursuing the certificate should contact the Department’s Academic Programs Manager to inform the Department of their intent to pursue the certificate so that arrangements can be made to meet with a program director and discuss course options. This notice must be submitted in writing as soon as possible, but no later than the first week of the term in which the final course be taken.