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Environmental Health and Engineering

Certificate Program in Humane Sciences & Toxicology Policy

Educational Objectives

The Certificate Program in Humane Sciences and Toxicology Policy will introduce and explain the application of the “3Rs” (reduction, replacement and refinement), which are the guiding principles of humane science as well as demonstrate how the use of humane science principles in biomedical research can lead to more robust scientific methodology and knowledge.

The program course of study covers the scientific principles needed to appreciate humane science and identify and evaluate its implications in biomedical research and public health policy.

Students completing the certificate will be well equipped to translate new toxicological knowledge into scientifically credible product safety evaluations and hazard assessments and apply these concepts to environmental health decision making.

Intended Audience

The program is open to those who hold undergraduate or graduate degrees in public health or the biomedical sciences. It is also open to any student in a degree-granting program at Hopkins, although it is anticipated that most enrollees will be students at the Bloomberg School. Persons who are members of Institutional Animal Care and Use Committees (IACUC) and/or involved in animal welfare issues are encouraged to participate in this certificate program.