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Environmental Health and Engineering

Certificate Program in Health & Human Rights

Educational Objectives

The Certificate Program in Health and Human Rights is designed to:

  1. Increase understanding and foster positive attitudes among health professionals regarding the key linkages between human rights ideals, legal guarantees of human rights, and the promotion and protection of public health and medical care, using the tools of public health and the legal structures that make a culture of human rights and respect for law in general, possible.
  2. Enhance advocacy for and build familiarity with, international human rights standards, instruments, and especially those that impact upon the health of populations and individuals.
  3. Elaborate and explain details regarding the vital roles of health professionals in promoting human rights, especially the right to health, and in building a “culture” supportive of human rights within all global communities.
  4. Introduce some skills needed to investigate, analyze, and document abuses of human rights as they relate both to health practice (patient care) and public health practice.