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Environmental Health and Engineering


Electronic Cigarettes
Vapor from devices weakens immune system in lungs, contrary to perception that e-cigarettes pose little health risk Learn More
Arsenic in Water
Tracing arsenic’s threats to health in the Badlands Learn More
Raw Milk
Researchers discourage the consumption of raw milk, especially by children, pregnant women and the elderly Learn More
Fracking Study
Levels of radon, a known carcinogen, rising since 2004, around the time that drilling for a new type of natural gas well began Learn More
Novel Cancer Prevention
Tom Kensler and John Groopman's Recipe for Keeping Cancer at Bay Learn More
First Synthetic Eukaryotic Chromosome Built
EHS professor, Srinivasan Chandrasegaran, helps build first synthetic eukaryotic chromosome Learn More
Growing Food in City Soil
It's an increasingly common sight in neighborhoods in Baltimore, Detroit, and other American cities: Residents have reclaimed abandoned lots by planting gardens. Learn More
A Consuming Controversy
Is it bad to ingest a few hormone-tickling chemicals like BPA? Learn More
ICONIC 2014 Discusses Prevention and Control Measures of COPD Learn More
Twilight of Antibiotics
Indiscriminate use of precious medicines in animal feed may lead us into a post-penicillin age. Learn More
Food in the Desert
Where the deep-fryer is king, how to sell salad, yogurt, and wraps? Learn More
Water Farming
"Aquaponics combines multiple species at different levels of the food chain, and that's really exciting." Learn More
Beyond Protein Factories
Our taste for cheap meat has industrialized agriculture, drained natural resources, and hurt our health. Learn More

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