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Environmental Health and Engineering

BA/Master's Programs

For Public Health Majors at JHU Krieger School of Arts and Sciences


The Johns Hopkins University Krieger School of Arts and Sciences, in conjunction with the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, offers a major in Public Health Studies for undergraduates interested in careers in public health.

The major is tailored to prepare individuals for careers that have a basic science foundation, including medicine. It also prepares students for careers oriented to health policy, management systems (domestic and international), social and behavioral sciences, and quantitative sciences fundamental to public health.

The Department of Environmental Health and Engineering offers early graduate school admission to JHU seniors majoring in Public Health Studies. This transition program thus serves as a mode of entry into one of the following degree programs:

Students in this Program will receive co-advising from both Schools as part of this unique experience. Admitted students must complete the BA degree before formally enrolling in the degree program.

Applications for the BA/Master’s degree must be submitted by July 1 between the junior and senior years to ensure completion of the review process prior to the first day of the academic year. Students must be accepted before the start of their senior year. Standardized test scores are not required for application to the BA/Master’s program. Both master’s programs, MHS and MSPH, participate in the BA/Master’s degree and the applicant must specify one of these programs on the application. 

The graduate credits taken at the Bloomberg School of Public Health while in the BA/Master’s program apply toward the BA and one half of these (up to 16 credits) may also be used to fulfill Master’s degree credit requirements. All courses successfully completed with a grade of “B” or better can be used to fulfill MHS degree course requirements. Students in this program will receive co-advising from both Schools to optimize their academic experience.

How to Apply

Applications for the BA/MHS degree should be submitted by July 1 between the junior and senior year. Applicants may apply to the program during their senior year, but credit requirements for the Master's will be the same as for other students entering the Master's program. To apply, go to SOPHAS Express.