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Climate Change & Health Summit

Climate Change & Health Summit: Global Health Opportunity of the 21st Century-Tackling Climate Change

The health of the human race is connected to the health of the planet. To explore how climate change may impact public health, and to discuss ways to stabilize the climate and to minimize damage from climate change, the Johns Hopkins University hosted a day-long summit on Friday, October 2, 2015. In addition to Johns Hopkins faculty, speakers and panelists included federal and local officials as well as outside thought leaders.

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Climate Change & Health Summit Photo Gallery

Marsha Wills-Karp, PhD
Professor and Chair, Department of Environmental Health Sciences
Al Sommer
Alfred Sommer, MS, MHS
Dean Emeritus, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health
Brian Schwartz
Brian Schwartz, MD, MS
Professor, Department of Environmental Health Sciences
Mike Klag (center)
Dean, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health
John M. Balbus, MD, MPH
Senior Advisor for Public Health to the Director of the NIEHS, WHO Collaborating Center for Environmental Health Sciences
Climate Change & Health Q&A Session
Peter Winch, Al Sommer, and Jerry Taylor
Session I Panel Discussion: Mitigation Strategies for Reduction of Climate Change
Clifford Mitchell, MD, MPH
Director of Environmental Health Bureau, Maryland Department of Health and Mental Hygiene
Vincent Navarro, MD, PhD, DrPH
Professor of Health and Public Policy, JHSPH; Director, JHU-UPF Public Policy Center
Roni Neff
Roni Neff, PhD
Director, Food System Sustainability and Public Health, Center for A Livable Future, Assistant Professor, Department of Environmental Health Sciences
Mary Sheehan, PhD, MPH
Associate Faculty, JHU-UPF Public Policy Center
Panel Discussion Session III: Adaptation: Building Resilience in Public Health
Paul Strickland, PhD
Professor, Department of Environmental Health Sciences
Jerry Taylor
Jerry Taylor
President of Niskanen Center, Washington DC

Photo Credits: Mike Milli

The Climate Change and Health Summit was sponsored by the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health Department of Environmental Health Sciences, Department of Health Policy and Management, Institute for Health and Social Policy, the Johns Hopkins University-Universitat Pompeu Fabra Public Policy Center, and the JHU Environment, Energy, Sustainability & Health Institute (E²SHI).

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