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NIEHS Center in Urban Environmental Health

Community Outreach and Education Core (COEC)

Asthma Triggers
Asthma in the Urban Environment
Asthma is a significant health issue in Baltimore's inner city. As part of our outreach, we educate the community on asthma and allergy triggers and environmental pollutants and steps reduce exposures in their home and surrounding environment.
Award Winning Outreach
Johns Hopkins Center in Urban Environmental Health's Community Outreach and Education Core "Day at the Market" received the Cancer Plan Implementation Awards for excellence in Community-Clinical Linkages at the Annual Meeting of the Maryland Cancer Collaborative.
Northeast Market Grand Re-Opening
Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake gets her blood pressure checked at the Northeast Market Re-Grand Opening event.
Diversity in Education
The Diversity Summer Internship Program (DSIP) provides underrepresented minority, economically disadvantaged, and disabled undergraduates, with a graduate-level, independent research project in the biomedical or public health field. The COEC is a regular sponsor of DSIP participants.
Blood Pressure
Blood Pressure Screenings
As part of the "Day the the Market" activities, participants can stop in for a quick blood pressure screening.
Access to Healthy Foods
The Northeast Market in collaboration with other community partners, will develop healthy meal menus, launch new stalls for local farmers, and develop initiatives to improve access to healthy foods and promote healthy eating habits.
Day at the Market
Day at the Market
The Day at the Market program addresses the needs of a community and provides citizens with the resources they need to make choices and changes that prevent cancer and other diseases.
Cancer-Free Mondays
Cancer-Free Mondays
Community outreach and public health experts have expanded the community partnerships and started new programs dedicated to eliminating racial disparities in Maryland’s cancer death rates.

The primary goal of the Center is to reduce morbidity and mortality from environmental agents in urban populations.


At the crux of the Center's philosophy on community-based research is that education is a critical and essential component of this process. COEC is an extension of this philosophy. Accordingly, COEC seeks to establish partnerships with credible community agencies so as to create the opportunity to respond to specific concerns identified by community leaders and residents. These types of effective partnerships generate mutually beneficial relationships and assure positive outcomes through the translation of information and outcomes from the Center's Research Foci and Facility Cores into educational programs, into knowledge applied to public health and environmental health policy.

COEC strives to meet the following goals:

  1. To serve as the conduit between the Center and community organizations on identifying environmental agents and issues which affect the health of the community;
  2. To facilitate community based research in partnership with diverse community groups and organizations to address local needs as defined by community leaders and residents;
  3. To design educational materials and implement programs concerning the risks and effects of environmental agents that are of concern to the diverse groups with which we interact; and
  4. To develop interactions with organizations, both within and outside Johns Hopkins, who will facilitate our translation of the Centers research and public health goals.

2014 Day at the Market Calendar of Events

The Day at the Market program plays a key role in being a venue in achieving dissemination which is purposed to bridge the disconnect between community and the lack of access to resources and information.  Through the COEC’s established partnerships with community agencies, the Environmental Justice Partnership, Inc. and the Sidney Kimmel Comprehensive Cancer Center, our hope is that the individuals we interact with will be able to use this Program as a venue in which they can receive pertinent educational materials along with information that will help them make positive behavioral changes.
Many of our Johns Hopkins researchers join with us at Market Day and use this program as a learning tool for being a better partner with the community and as a dissemination vehicle to return what they have learned to the community.  We want researchers, other organizations, and partners that join us to realize that this is a venue where they can be educated through their interactions with the community they plan to work with.

CEOC Staff

Michael A. Trush, PhD
COEC Director and Professor, Environmental Health Sciences

Barbara Bates-Hopkins
COEC Community Relations Coordinator

Pat Tracey
COEC Community Relations Coordinator