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Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

Student Profiles

DEGREE PROGRAM -  Master of Science (ScM)

Enoch Chan

Photini Sinnis Lab

Justin Chu 

Jiou Wang Lab

Miebaka Jamabo 

Phil Jordan Lab

Jasvir Kaila

Scott Bailey Lab

Amandeep Kataria

Jennifer Kavran Lab

Andrew Laychur

Bill Wright Lab

Rosemary Lu

Pierre Coulombe Lab

Stefan Prendergast

Pierre Coulombe Lab

Rose Schrott

Barry Zirkin Lab

Haobo Wang

Anthony Leung Lab




Home Country: Hong Kong, China


Home Country: United States

Research Interests or Career Goals: Neurological mechanisms that may affect neurodegenerative diseases, and fear/emotion pathways in the central amygdala

Biosketch - Educational/Professional Background: Justin was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, but was raised in Northern Virginia.  He attended NYU with a major in Psychology.  There he engaged in several valuable extracurricular activities, from working as a medical tech intern at a Lasek practice to being a lab assistant at the NYU Center for Neuroscience, where he partook in emotion/fear/amygdala research.  In addition, he was one of the top members of the NYU gaming team, and was in the top 1% in the world.  Justin also enjoys extreme physical fitness and discipline, as well as reading, nutrition/cooking, gaming, philosophy, and reflecting on various psychological theories and therapies.  Though he plans to become a Psychiatrist, he wishes to further enhance his science background and better diversify his repertoire of knowledge and skills.  He therefore chose the JHSPH BMB program, where the research and academic environment of the school would help him explore and thrive.

Why I Chose Hopkins?  I found that Hopkins, being the best Public Health School, would be an excellent environment where one could learn from the best, and also have access to some of the best research departments and professionals.  I also enjoy the prospect of studying science from a public health perspective, which can give better insight into the applicability of what is taught in the classroom.


Home Country: Nigeria


Home Country: United States


Home Country: United States

Research Interests or Career Goals: I plan to attend medical school.

Biosketch - Educational/Professional Background: I originally came to Baltimore in 2010 to pursue an undergraduate degree in Public Health Studies at Johns Hopkins University. In four years as an undergrad I grew to excel at my two passions in life academics and athletics. I was a two year starter for the Johns Hopkins football team that won 4 conference championships in my time at JHU. Additionally I was distinguished for excellence on the field and in the classroom as a member of the 2014 National Football Foundation's Hampshire Honor Society. I transitioned from the JHU undergrad Public Health program to BMB to follow my passion to understand the biological bases of health and to eventually pursue a career in medicine.

Why I Chose Hopkins?  To work with and learn from researchers who are leaders in their field.


Home Country: United States


Home Country: United States/ Australia

Research Interests or Career Goals: Stem cells in cancer, regenerative medicine, cancer development and potential therapies, orthopaedic surgery research.

Biosketch - Educational/Professional Background: I was born in Boston, MA and have grown up both here in the United States and Sydney, Australia. I received my Bachelor of Science from the University of Notre Dame in 2013 and was a member of the Varsity Swimming & Diving Team. I have had various research internships and experiences, including at the Freimann Life Sciences Center at Notre Dame, the Orthopaedic Research Lab at Rutgers Robert Wood Johnson Medical School and clinical research in rare and neglected diseases, also at Notre Dame.

Why I Chose Hopkins?  Johns Hopkins School of Public Health is a world-renowned institution with abundant opportunities for research and collaboration. I chose Hopkins to immerse myself in everything it has to offer and to further develop my understanding of biochemistry and molecular biology in a public health context. The energy and diversity of the Hopkins community is truly inspiring.


Home Country: United States

Biosketch - Educational/Professional Background: Rose was born and raised in Westchester, NY. She attended Johns Hopkins University where she was a Hodson Trust Scholar and earned a degree in Biology. Outside of the classroom, Rose plays the violin and has been involved with the American Cancer Society Relay for Life for over 10 years. After spending four years in Baltimore at JHU, Rose felt that JHSPH BMB was the perfect place to further her education and passion for reproductive and cancer biology.


Home Country: China

Research Interests or Career Goals: Biomedical cancer research / Immunology research

Biosketch - Educational/Professional Background: Haobo was born and raised in Shanghai, China. He came to U.S. to study biochemistry at University of Oregon with a minor in biology. Haobo chooses to join Reproductive and Cancer Biology master's program in BMB at Bloomberg public health school because the program can extend his studies in biology, as well as preparing him for the future applications. Haobo wants to pursue a career in cancer research in the future.

Why I Chose Hopkins?  Johns Hopkins University provides students with diverse interdisciplinary programs in science as well as its extraordinary background in biomedical researches, which helps students to extend their experiences and accomplish their goals.