Mei-Cheng Wang


Departmental Affiliation(s):

Biostatistics (Primary)

Personal website :


PhD, University of California, 1985

Honors and Awards


Research Interests

Survival, Longitudinal And Multivariate statistics (SLAM) epidemiological statistics semiparametric models point processes and recurrent event processes ROC analysis and risk assessment


  • [Selected publications since 1995]
  • Huang CY and Wang MC (2005). Nonparametric estimation of a bivariate distribution of recurrence times. Biometrics (in press).
  • Chiang CT, Wang MC and Huang CY (2005). Kernel estimation of occurrence rate function for recurrent event data. Annals of the Institute of Statistical Mathematics. (In Press).
  • Lu SH and Wang MC (2005). An alternative marginal analysis for Cox-type clustered failure time data. Journal of Lifetime Data Analysis (in press).
  • Huang CY, Wang MC (2004). Joint modeling and estimation of recurrent event processes and failure time. Journal of the American Statistical Association 99(468):1153-1165.