Katherine Vittes

Contact Information

600 North Broadway
Baltimore , Maryland   21205


Honors and Awards

Delta Omega, Iota Chapter, National Public Health Honorary Society Max Factor Family Foundation 2004-05 Student Internship Award

Research Interests

violence prevention domestic violence intimate partner violence gun policy firearm injuries homicide


  • Vittes KA, Sorenson SB. Restraining orders among victims of intimate partner homicide. Injury Prevention; 2008; 14:191-195.
  • Sorenson SB, Vittes KA. Mental health and firearms in community-based surveys: Implications for suicide prevention. Evaluation Review; 2008; 32:239-256.
  • Vittes KA, Sorenson SB. Keeping guns out of the hands of abusers: Handgun purchases and restraining orders. American Journal of Public Health; 2008; 98:828-831.
  • Vittes KA, Sorenson SB. Risk-taking behavior among adolescents who say they can get a handgun: Comparison with those who say they cannot get a handgun. Journal of Adolescent Health 2006; 39:929-932.
  • Vittes KA, Sorenson SB. Are temporary restraining orders more likely to be issued when applications mention firearms? Evaluation Review 2006; 30:266-282.