Susan Tonascia

  • Deputy Director, Clinical Trials Training Program, Center for Clinical Trials, Department of Epidemiology

  • Departmental Affiliation(s):

    Epidemiology (Primary)

    Contact Information

    Room 5010, Bloomberg SPH
    615 North Wolfe Street
    Baltimore , Maryland   21205



    ScM, Johns Hopkins University, 1976


    Design and Coordination of Clinical Trials; Clinical Trials Methodology; Data Collection and Forms Design

    Honors and Awards

    AMTRA - Advising, Mentoring and Teaching Recognition Award, 1999-2000 Student Assembly School of Hygiene and Public Health Johns Hopkins University

    Research Interests

    Epidemiology Design and Coordination of Clinical Trials Clinical Trials Methodology Data Collection and Forms Design Training


    • PUBLISHED PAPERS Smith CE, Piper GM, Kerschbaum SJ, Williams SR: Questionnaire to identify nursing homes most in need of dietary counsel. Public Health Rep 78:175-717, 1963.
    • Greene JC, Vermillion JR, Hay S, Gibbens SF, Kerschbaum S: Epidemiologic study of cleft lip and cleft palate in four states. J Am Dent Assoc 68:387-404, 1964.
    • Kuller L, Tonascia S: Commission on Chronic Illness follow-up study. Arch Environ Health 21:656-665, 1970.
    • Kuller L, Tonascia S: A follow-up study of the Commission on Chronic Illness morbidity survey in Baltimore. IV. Factors influencing mortality from stroke and arteriosclerotic heart disease (1954-1967). J Chronic Dis 24:111-124, 1971.
    • Mules J, Henderson M, Kuller L, Tonascia S, Diamond E, Lilienfeld A: A population survey of symptoms suggestive of transient ischemic attacks. Stroke 2:114-127, 1971.