Sunil Sazawal

Sunil Sazawal

  • Visiting Professor, Annamalai University, India

  • Director Center for Micronutrient Research, New Delhi

  • Departmental Affiliation(s):

    International Health (Primary)
    Division: Global Disease Epidemiology and Control

    Contact Information

    615 N. Wolfe Street
    Room E5521
    Baltimore , Maryland   21205



    MPH, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, 1991
    MBBS, University of Kashmir, 1983
    PhD, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, 1995


    Personal Statement of Research and Research Objectives My research interests focus broadly on 3 major area’s, with my Pediatrics and Infectious disease back ground the first area focuses on understanding epidemiology, management, development and testing of intervention and/or Vaccines for Pediatric Infectious diseases of Public health Importance -Diarrhea, Pneumonia, Malaria, Measles, Typhoid, Tuberculosis – these by WHO estimates cause over 7.5 million preventable deaths in children in developing countries. My motivation for this research and shifting from a Pediatrician to Public health Researcher was that I would like to see my research prevent more deaths and morbidity than I could have prevented or treated as a physician. The second area focuses on malnutrition including maternal, fetal and child malnutrition especially micronutrient deficiencies and their interaction with the Infectious diseases in first area of focus. Defining the causal link between micronutrient deficiency and morbidity and mortality and testing interventions for prevention of these effects. The third area is methodological work focusing on pooled and meta-analysis of intervention trails in primary areas of first and second focus to inform policy or design new research, evaluation of analysis strategies for longitudinal data, development and evaluation of computer and palm based techniques to measure activity, social referencing, social environment of children, development of computer bases systems to record and analyze dietary data including 24 hour recalls and food frequency with special emphasis on measurement of bio-available intakes of micronutrients. Development (tests adaptable to field settings) and evaluation of diagnostic tests for diagnosis of iron deficiency, zinc deficiency, malaria, Tuberculosis, immune status. At present most of my research is focus in India and Tanzania. Expansion to South Africa and Cambodia is underway. Most of the work is multidisciplinary. Some of the Research question currently being undertaken: - Community based randomized clinical trails evaluating effects of iron/Folic acid supplementation on childhood mortality and severe morbidity in malaria endemic areas - Evaluation of deliver of iron-folic acid supplementation in presence of anti-malarial/ antibiotic cover. Testing of program options - Community based Randomized clinical trial for effect of zinc supplementation on mortality and severe morbidity in children - Community based randomized trails or zinc and micronutrient supplementation in SGA born infants on Mortality morbidity, and development and both during supplementation period and a 4 year follow up of these children for long term effects on growth and child development. - Community based Randomized trails evaluating effects of fortified of milk with micronutrients or Probiotics on child morbidity, growth and development including long term follow up for evaluating effects on cognitive development and school performance. - Acceptability and compliance studies for home based fortification strategies with weaning food or sprinkles, and design of intervention trail for testing fortification strategy as a deliver mechanism for zinc and iron. - Effect of iron deficiency and or Anemia on child development, activity and reversibility of these effects. - Methodological work for a) activity assessment using active watch with observations using observer and palm based software, b) social referencing observer versus Palm bases program,

    Honors and Awards

    •Award of Merit 3rd Position in The Faculty of Medicine, University of Kashmir, 1993. •Dr. S.T.Achar Gold Medal for best paper in Pediatrics, Indian Acadamy of Pediatrics 1989. •Dr. Satya Gupta award for best paper in Preventive Pediatrics, Indian Academy Pediatrics, Delhi, 1990. •Rockefeller Foundation Special Post Doctoral Fellowship in clinical epidemiology and advanced studies, 1990. •Dr Harry Kruse award for academic performance and professional potential in nutrition research from Johns Hopkins University Committee on Honors and awards for 1995. •Nutrition Society of India award for preventive and community nutrition, at XXVIII Annual Meeting, SNDT womens university Bombay 1995 •Phi Beta Kappa for Honors in academic performance 1996

    Research Interests

    International Health Disease Control Community-based field trials child health and development meta-analysis Diarrhea Pneumonia Malaria Infectious diseases Zinc Iron Micronutrients Child development Annamalai University India


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