Clea McNeely

Assistant Professor - Adjunct

Departmental Affiliation(s):

Population, Family and Reproductive Health (Primary)

Contact Information

615 Wolfe St Bldg, E4546
Baltimore , Maryland   21205



MA, University of Miami, 1987
DrPH, University of California, Los Angeles, 1995


My research focuses on the social contexts of adolescent health, with particular emphasis on schools and families. I am using social network measures and methods to explore how the social structure of schools influences adolescent health risk behaviors and mental health. I am also interested in cross-cultural research on parent-adolescent relationships, particularly how to define and measure relationship qualities such as connection and behavioral regulation across cultures. I also carry out community-based participatory research and evaluation in East Baltimore focused on implementing and evaluating strategies to ensure the health of young people as they transition to adulthood.

Honors and Awards

2002–2007 Faculty Scholars Award William T. Grant Foundation 1996 Dorothy S. Thomas Award Awarded by the Population Association of America for best student paper 1994 University of California Dissertation Year Fellowship 1992 UCLA Alumni Distinguished Scholar Award Awarded for academic achievement and community service 1991 Charles M. Wacker Memorial Fellowship Awarded for humanism in health care 1989–1992 Fred H. Bixby Population Fellowship Awarded for doctoral studies in population dynamics

Research Interests

Adolescent health youth development school connectedness social network analysis community-based participatory research program evaluation, sexual and reproductive health survey research after-school programs adolescent health risk behaviors


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