George Jakab

Professor - Emeritus

Departmental Affiliation(s):

Environmental Health Sciences (Primary)

Contact Information

Baltimore , Maryland



PhD, University of Wisconsin


The research activities focus on the cellular biology of the lung with emphasis on the phagocytic and regulatory role of the alveolar macrophages and the immune mechanisms of the lung parenchyma. Work is directed toward determining the modulatory role of air pollutants and therapeutic agents on maintaining the homeostasis of the lungs and resistance to respiratory infections. A second research activity is directed toward developing models and elucidating the mechanisms by which respiratory infections and air pollutants interact to initiate and exacerbate acute and chronic lung disease. Specific projects focus on inhalation exposure to oxidants, particle-gas combinations, silica, and respiratory infections in causing acute and chronic lung injury. Through studies on the basic cellular defenses on the lung and the mechanisms by which they are breached in health and disease, the research program is unraveling the cause-effect relationships, the pathophysiological consequences, and the mechanisms involved in the development of acute and chronic disease processes of the lungs.

Research Interests

cellular biology of the lung with emphasis on the phagocytic regulatory role of the alveolar macrophages immune mechanisms of the lung parenchyma


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