Bradley Herring

Bradley Herring

  • Associate Chair for Academic Programs

  • Director, PhD Program in Health Economics & Policy

  • Departmental Affiliation(s):

    Health Policy and Management (Primary)

    Contact Information

    624 N. Broadway
    Hampton House 408
    Baltimore , Maryland   21205



    PhD, University of Pennsylvania, 2000


    Dr. Herring’s research focuses on a number of economic and public policy issues related to health insurance coverage. He has published articles in the Journal of Health Economics, New England Journal of Medicine, and Health Affairs, and is co-author of the book Pooling Health Insurance Risks. His research has been funded by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, OECD, HHS ASPE, and AHRQ. For instance, his research has examined the availability of charity care to the uninsured, the individual health insurance market, Medicaid managed care, and healthcare inflation's impact on wage growth. More recently, he has been examining the effect of health insurance coverage on various health outcomes and examining the effects of insurer and hospital competition on private health insurance premiums.    Dr. Herring earned his PhD from the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania, received a two-year RWJF Scholars in Health Policy fellowship at Yale University, and served for a year with the White House’s Council of Economic Advisers. He currently serves as the Chair of the Board of Directors for the Maryland Health Insurance Plan, the state's high-risk pool for medically-uninsurable residents. Dr. Herring teaches the four-credit course Introduction to the US Healthcare System for masters students in the second term onsite and the fourth term online.  He also teaches the year-long eight-credit course sequence Microeconomic Models in Public Health I-IV for advanced PhD students.

    Honors and Awards

    Advising, Mentoring, and Teaching Recognition Award (AMTRA) from the Bloomberg School, 2013. Teaching Excellence Recognition from the Bloomberg School for Microeconomic Models in Public Health course, 2013, 2014.  Outstanding Teacher Award from the Department of Health Policy and Management, 2012. Teaching Excellence Recognition from the Bloomberg School for Introduction to the US Healthcare System, 2011, 2014.

    Research Interests

    Health Economics Health Policy Healthcare Reform Private Health Insurance Medicaid Uninsured Medicare


    Five slected publications are listed below. All of Dr. Herring publications are listed at Google Scholar (link).

    • Herring B, Lentz LK, What Can We Expect from the Cadillac Tax in 2018 and Beyond? Inquiry 48.4, 2012: 322-337. (link)
    • Herring B. Suboptimal Provision of Preventive Healthcare Due to Expected Enrollee Turnover Among Private Insurers. Health Economics 19.4, 2010: 438-448. (link)
    • Adams EK, Herring B. Medicaid HMO Penetration and Its Mix: Did Increased Penetration Affect Physician Participation in Urban Markets? Health Services Research 43.1.2, 2008: 363-383. (link)
    • Herring B, Pauly M. Incentive-Compatible Guaranteed Renewable Health Insurance Premiums, Journal of Health Economics 25.3, 2006: 395-417. (link)
    • Herring B. The Effect of the Availability of Charity Care to the Uninsured on the Demand for Private Health Insurance. Journal of Health Economics 24.2, 2005: 225-252. (link)