Andrea Gielen

Andrea Gielen

  • Director, Johns Hopkins Center for Injury Research and Policy

  • Departmental Affiliation(s):

    Population, Family and Reproductive Health (Joint)
    Health Policy and Management (Joint)
    Health, Behavior and Society (Primary)

    Contact Information

    624 N. Broadway
    Hampton House 554
    Baltimore , Maryland   21205


    Andrea Gielen:


    ScD, Johns Hopkins University, 1989


    My research interests are in the development and evaluation of community and clinic-based programs that address health behavior problems affecting women and children, primarily among low-income families in urban areas. The application of behavioral sciences to childhood injury control and domestic violence prevention programs, and the relationship between violence and HIV risk are areas of special focus. Childhood injury problems of particular interest are fires, burns, CO poisoning, and motor vehicle crashes.  Current research focuses on the use of computers for patient and public safety education; community interventions to improve home safety; translation research to disseminate proven injury prevention interventions; the impact of housing conditions on child safety; and stage tailored clinical interventions for survivors of domestic violence living with or at risk for HIV/AIDS.

    Honors and Awards

    American Public Health Association, Award for Excellence, 2013 American Academy of Health Behavior, 2012 Research Laureate Named one of“20 for 20” Distinguished Leaders in Injury Prevention by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 2012 Faculty Senate President, 2010 Society for Advancement of Injury and Violence Research (SAVIR) President, 2010 Environmental Justice Partnership, Award in Recognition of Addressing Environmental Health Concerns in Urban Communities, 2009 Home Safety Research Award from the Home Safety Council, 2008 Distinguished Career Award, American Public Health Association, Public Health Education and Health Promotion Section, 2002 Early Career Award, American Public Health Association, Public Health Education and Health Promotion Section, 1990. Delta Omega, National Honorary Public Health Society, Alpha Chapter, 1989. Sigma Xi, Honorary Scientific Research Society, Johns Hopkins University Chapter, 1989.

    Research Interests

    Health Behavior Change, Health Policy, Intervention Research, Health Education, Health Promotion, Injury Prevention, Child/Maternal Health, HIV/AIDS, Women's Health, Domestic Violence


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