Barbara Biesecker

  • Director, JHU/NHGRI Genetic Counseling Training Program

  • - Adjunct

    Departmental Affiliation(s):

    Health, Behavior and Society (Primary)

    Contact Information

    National Human Genome Research Institute
    31 Center Drive, MSC 2073
    Bethesda , Maryland   20892



    MS, University of Michigan, 1981
    PhD, King's College, 2011


    Research interests include understanding the reasons for use of new genetic tests that predict risk and implications of the results; quality of life for those living with different genetic conditions; adaptation to a genetic condition; the process and outcomes of genetic counseling and informed consent for prenatal tests.

    Research Interests

    Health Policy and Management Genetic Counseling Graduate program in genetic counseling


    • Gollust S, Thompson R, Gooding H, Biesecker, B: Living with Achondroplasia in an Average-sized World: An Assessment of Quality of Life. Am J Med Genet (accepted).
    • Gooding HC, Boehm K, Thompson R, Hadley D, Francomano C, Biesecker B: Issues Surrounding Prenatal Diagnosis for Achondroplasia. Prenatal Diag (in press).
    • Peters KA, Kong F, Hanslo M, Biesecker, B: Living with Marfan Syndrome III: Quality of Life and Reproductive Planning. Clin Genet 62:110-120, 2002.
    • Redlinger-Grosse K, Bernhardt B, Berg K, Muenke M, Biesecker B: The Decision to Continue: The Experiences and Needs of Parents who Receive a Prenatal Diagnosis of Holoprosencephaly. Am J Med Genet, Sept., 2002.
    • Gooding H, Wilfond B, Boehm K, Biesecker B: Unintended messages; the ethics of teaching genetic dilemmas. Hastings Cntr Rpt, March-April:37-39, 2002 .