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Term: 2nd term
Contact: Arik Marcell
Academic Year: 2010 - 2011
Course Instructors:

Focuses on male adolescent health and sexual issues and explores the meaning of masculinity and the impact of masculine beliefs on men’s health and health care use. Students critique the literature and explore methods to design interventions that work within a masculinity framework to improve men’s health outcomes.

Learning Objective(s):

At the end of this class, students will be able to: 1. Identify key health and sexual health issues for males from a domestic as well as an international perspective. 2. Critically describe masculinity theory and measures used in the field and the impact of masculinity on health. 3. Identify methods to incorporate masculinity theory in public health interventions.

Methods of Assessment: 2 Credits: Students will take turns leading a dicussion. In addition, students will be evaluated on their preparation and participation in class dicussions.
Location: East Baltimore
Class Times:
  • Monday 10:00 - 11:50
Enrollment Minimum: 8
Enrollment Maximum: 15
Enrollment Restriction: Consent required for undergraduates.
Instructor Consent: Consent required for all students

Enrollment by undergraduates requires consent of the instructor.

For consent, contact:
Auditors Allowed: No
Grading Restriction: Letter Grade or Pass/Fail
Special Comments: Course is held in departmental space.