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Department: Epidemiology
Term: 2nd term
Credits: 3 credits
Contact: Judy Holzer
Academic Year: 2013 - 2014
Course Instructor:

Provides an overview of methods related to the day-to-day conduct of multicenter randomized clinical trials with an emphasis on the Coordinating Center perspective. Using case studies of multicenter clinical trials for illustration, emphasizes topics related to practical applications such as organizational models, use of standardization, and performance monitoring. Discussion of methods is encouraged, including alternatives to usual practice.

Learning Objective(s):
Upon successfully completing this course, students will be able to:
Apply competencies gathered throughout this and other epidemiology or biostatistics courses on key components of multicenter clinical trials
describe developing strategies applicable at most participating centers in a Multicenter setting including writing study policies and procedures
conduct multicenter trials

Methods of Assessment: Project, homework assignments, class discussion & participation
Location: Barcelona, Spain
Class Times:
  • Thu 11/21/2013 - Sat 11/23/2013
  • Thursday 8:30 - 6:00
  • Friday 8:30 - 6:00
  • Saturday 8:30 - 6:00
Enrollment Minimum: 5
Enrollment Maximum: 35
Instructor Consent: Consent required for some students

Full-time JHSPH students must obtain consent from Judy Holzer or Pam Davis is HPM prior to registering for this class.

For consent, contact:
Auditors Allowed: No
Grading Restriction: Letter Grade or Pass/Fail
Frequency Schedule: One Year Only
Next Offered: 2014-2015