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Department: Mental Health
Term: Summer Inst. term
Credits: 2 credits
Contact: Brion Maher
Academic Year: 2012 - 2013
Course Instructors:

Introduces the concepts of power calculation and sample size estimation. Briefly discusses the theory behind analytic and simulation-based approaches to estimating the power or sample size needed for a proposed hypothesis test. Examines effect sizes and realistic models under which power should be calculated. Discusses effective presentation of power calculations for grant proposals, including graphs. Compares examples of popular software, including R, SAS and STATA.

Learning Objective(s):
Upon successfully completing this course, students will be able to:
Interpret commonly used effect sizes
Perform power calculations or sample size estimations for a proposed study
Perform simulation-based estimates of power

Methods of Assessment: Assessment will be a project consisting of a multi-aim power calculation section for a proposal. Proposal can be from the student’s work, subject to instructor approval, or provided by the instructor.
Location: East Baltimore
Class Times:
  • Mon 06/18/2012 - Tue 06/19/2012
  • Monday 8:30 - 4:30
  • Tuesday 8:30 - 4:30
Enrollment Minimum: 10
Instructor Consent: No consent required

A very basic understanding of statistics.

Auditors Allowed: Yes, with instructor consent
Grading Restriction: Letter Grade or Pass/Fail
Special Comments: Students are expected to bring a laptop computer, with the software of choice installed, to perform course exercises.