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Term: 2nd term
Credits: 3 credits
Contact: Ed Bunker
Academic Year: 2013 - 2014
Course Instructor:
  • Robert Miller

Reviews health information systems, such as patient records, patient monitoring, imaging, public health, educational, bioinformatics and scholarly systems. Teaches the core architectures and technologies of these core systems, focusing on commonalities and differences and design.

Learning Objective(s):

To provide an introduction to health sciences computer applications in patient care, teaching, human subject research and public health. To provide a conceptual basis for understanding, analyzing and designing HIS applications To provide a forum for discussion of public policy issues relating to informatics in clinical care, public health and human subject research.

Methods of Assessment: Student Evaluation is based on homework assignments, final examination and participation in live-talks.
Location: Internet
Enrollment Minimum: 15
Instructor Consent: No consent required

Introduction to Online Learning is required prior to participating in any of the School's Internet-based courses. Introduction to on-line learning and 315.707.81

Auditors Allowed: No
Grading Restriction: Letter Grade or Pass/Fail
Jointly Offered With:
  • ME
Special Comments: This is the same course as SOM 600.900