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Department: International Health
Term: 2nd term
Credits: 3 credits
Contact: Luigi De Luca
Academic Year: 2013 - 2014
Course Instructor:

Provides an in-depth review of the metabolism of major nutrients and its importance in disease states, such as teratogenesis, cardiovascular disease, ageing, cancer, obesity, and liver fibrosis. Focuses on regulatory mechanisms, integration of metabolic pathways, and biochemical and physiological aspects of nutrient metabolism at the whole body, tissue and cellular level. Includes both discussion and lectures.

Learning Objective(s):
Upon successfully completing this course, students will be able to:
apply basic concepts of whole body nutrient homeostasis to nutrient control at the cellular level
critically evaluate new findings on the role of nutrients in functions such as cellular differentiation, bone remodeling and cognitive function
gain a greater understanding of metabolic pathway interrelationships

Methods of Assessment: Based on attendance, grades, discussion, and presentations.
Location: East Baltimore
Class Times:
  • Monday 1:30 - 2:50
  • Wednesday 1:30 - 2:50
Enrollment Minimum: 7
Instructor Consent: No consent required

Previous course work in biochemistry and/or the course on Nutritional Biochemistry

Auditors Allowed: Yes, with instructor consent
Grading Restriction: Letter Grade or Pass/Fail