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330.620.81 Issues in Mental Health Research in Developing Countries

Mental Health
2nd term
3 credits
Academic Year:
2012 - 2013
Grading Restriction:
Letter Grade or Pass/Fail
Course Instructor:

Introduction to Online Learning required. Recommended Psychiatric Epidemiology, but not required


Introduces mental health as an integral part of global health research, including conducting needs assessments and intervention monitoring and evaluation. Presents and critiques strategies for integrating local cultural perspectives into research models. Examines methods of adapting psychiatric assessment tools for use cross-culturally and presents challenges for developing interventions for use in low-resource contexts. Encourages use of critical and creative thinking skills throughout to discuss the issues involved in this relatively new area of study.

Methods of Assessment:

participation, short research proposal, brief final presentation

Enrollment Restriction:

Course restricted to graduate students only

Instructor Consent:

Consent required for all students

Consent Note:

In the first year, to allow for having some control over who takes it and with what qualifications