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Delta Omega

2016 Scholarship Awardees

Policy and Practice

M. Claire Green - PhD Student
Dept: Mental Health
Advisor: Wietse Tol, PhD
Title: The Nguvu (strength) Project: Evaluating an integrated approach to reduce intimate partner violence and psychological distress in Nyarugusu Refugee Camp, Tanzania

Laboratory Research

Jason Huska - PhD Student
Dept: Molecular Microbiology & Immunology
Title: Assessing Influenza control in aged mice that resist thymic atrophy

Applied Research

Nicole Armstrong -  PhD Student
Dept: Epidemiology
Advisor: Alden Gross, PhD, MHS
Title:  Role of Depression in Cardiovascular Disease, Cognitive Decline, and Mortality

Hasan Merali   – MPH Student
Advisor: Kavi Bhalla, PhD
Title:  Using Google Maps to Measure Motorcycle Helmet Use in Bangkok, Thailand

Dane Moran -  MPH Student
Advisor: Kavi, Bhalla, PhD (Kee Park, MD, Cambodia)
Title: Cost-Effectiveness of Craniotomy for Epidural Hematomas at a Major Government Hospital in Cambodia