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The Delta Omega Dr. Timothy Baker Award for International Health Development

tim baker

Established in 2014 by the Delta Omega Alpha Chapter, the Dr. Timothy Baker Award for International Health Development honors the life and legacy of this memorable professor of International Health and longtime Alpha Chapter Board member. Dr. Baker, a pioneer in disease and injury burden, was among the first to recognize the importance of injury as a cause of disability, especially in low income countries. He was the Co-founder of the Department of International Health and in 1993, he was recognized with a lifetime achievement award from the American Public Health Association. His career spanned 50 years and included work in more than 40 countries. This award recognizes a newly inducted member of the Delta Omega Alpha Chapter, who is a proponent of the poor and vulnerable, and who works for the cause of social justice and international health.

shreya shrestha

The inaugural inductee, Ms. Shreya Shrestha, is a medical student at Dartmouth, a global health scholar at Johns Hopkins, and an outstanding member of the JHSPH MPH class of 2014. Originally from Nepal, Ms. Shrestha grew up in a nation 

that has had its fair share of struggles with health care accessibility and continues to witness alarming death tolls from diseases that are both preventable and treatable. These issues were a strong impetus for her to pursue a career in public health. Ms. Shrestha’s accomplishments include conducting a series of mobile health clinics in Nepal providing care to over 300 residents. She also established a primary health clinic there. As a medical student at Dartmouth, she helped lead a vision-screening program that provided eye-care with free optometrist/ophthalmologist referral to New England’s impoverished population. Additionally, Ms. Shrestha has recently co-founded a 501c(3) organization called Aasha for Nepal, which works to deliver sustainable healthcare to medically marginalized communities of Nepal.

There is no application process to be considered for this $500 award. The recipient will be chosen from each year's list of new inductees. 

Please contact the Delta Omega Alpha Chapter with any questions at 410-614-0794 or