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Delta Omega

Delta Omega Society Bylaws

Article I: Name

The name of this organization shall be the Delta Omega Society, Alpha Chapter of the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, hereafter referred to as Delta Omega.

Article II: Objectives

The objective of Delta Omega shall be: to encourage scholarship and research among persons undertaking graduate study in the science of public health and to recognize attainment in the field of public health; to encourage multidisciplinary and multidepartmental activities in scientific and social meetings; to strengthen the contacts between the School and its alumni.

Article III: Officers and Executive Board

Section 1. Titles

Section 2. Duties

A. The President shall:

B. The President-Elect shall:

C. The Secretary-Treasurer shall:

D. Members-at-Large shall:

E. The Executive Board shall:

Section 3. Meetings and Quorum

Section 4. Vacancies

If, before the expiration of the term for which the President is elected, the individual should become incapacitated or otherwise unable to serve, the President-Elect shall succeed to the office vacated for the unexpired portion of the term. Further, if the President-Elect is unable to succeed to the Presidency, the Board shall select from its body a person to serve as Interim President for the unexpired portion of the term. Vacancies in the office of Secretary-Treasurer shall be filled by appointment of the Board for the unexpired portion of the term.

Section 5. Resignation and Removal and of Board Members

Section 6. Elections and Terms of Officers

Officers shall be elected by Executive Board members of Delta Omega Alpha Chapter. The term of each shall be two consecutive years. No officer shall serve for more than one term in the same office. The term of office for officers is 1 July through 30 June.

Article IV: Nominating Committee

The President shall appoint a Nominating Committee of not less than three active members, nor more than seven active members, which shall submit single slate nominations for officers for approval by Delta Omega. Nominations by active members may be made from the floor at the annual meeting.

Article V: Standing Committees

Article VI: Membership

There shall be five categories of membership in Delta Omega.

A. Student Membership

Student membership shall be selected by the Membership Committee. Members elected from the student body shall be approved at the annual meeting. They shall be chosen with due regard to their scholarly attainments and honorary character of Delta Omega. In order to be eligible for membership in Delta Omega in this category, the student shall:

A maximum of ten percent (10%) of graduating students shall be elected to membership in any one year. Those elected shall be from the upper twenty-five percent (25%) in class standing and have demonstrated real or potential qualities of leadership in public health. The total student group to be considered for membership shall only include persons who are candidates or who have received an advanced degree in public health during that current academic year. Nomination of student candidates shall be made only by faculty of the School who have previously been inducted into Delta Omega.

The term "advanced degree in public health" as used in these By-laws, refers to the following degrees or their equivalents: Master of Public Health, Doctor of Public Health, Master of Science, Master of Health Science, Doctor of Science and Doctor of Philosophy

B. Faculty Membership

Faculty membership shall be selected by the Membership Committee. The selection committee will give particular attention to outstanding public health performance in scholarship, teaching, research and the quality of publications. The total number of faculty members elected in any one year may be up to three percent (3%) of the full-time faculty.

C. Alumni Membership

Alumni membership shall be selected by the Membership Committee. Delta Omega may elect a maximum of ten graduated from the School whose work in the practice of public health would serve as a model for future graduates of the School for membership each year.

D. Honorary Membership

Delta Omega may nominate honorary members to be elected by a unanimous vote of the National Council. This membership shall be limited and conferred only upon persons possessing exceptional qualifications who have attained a meritorious distinction in the field of Public Health.

E. Emeriti Membership

Faculty or Alumni members shall receive emeriti status after 40 years of membership. Emeriti members shall have no obligation to pay annual membership dues. All emeriti members shall continue to receive the annual mailings and shall be encouraged to partake in the Chapter's activities.

Article VII: Annual Meeting

There shall be an annual meeting of Delta Omega, at which time officers shall be elected and membership shall be conferred for students, faculty and alumni.

Article VIII: Dues

Article IX: Amendments

These By-laws may be amended in whole or in part by a simple majority vote of the members present at its annual meeting. Copies of the By-laws will be available at the annual meeting.

Amended October 12, 1999