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Alumni Alias FAQs

What is an alumni alias?

An alumni alias is a JHSPH email address that has a forwarding-only feature to a non-JHSPH email address.

What does it require?

It requires you to be an alumni of the Bloomberg School of Public Health and have a non-JHSPH email address.

How does it work?

All messages sent to your JHSPH address will be automatically forwarded to your non-JHSPH account for storage and reading.

How do I access my JHSPH messages?

Since JHSPH messages are forwarded to your forwarding address (non-JHSPH address), all your messages should be accessed from your forwarded address account.

Will messages be stored in my JHSPH email account?

No, mail only passes through the system to your forwarding address. There will be no storage of your JHSPH email on the JHSPH mail server.

Will I have an email quota?

Your quota will depend on the policy of your non-JHSPH email internet service provider. JHSPH won't be storing your email messages, therefore we won't have a quota.

Will my mail forwarding expire?


How many email forwarding addresses can I have?

You can only have one forwarding address at a time.

What happens if I have a new forwarding address?

Please visit the alias registration page and complete the form, even if you have previously registered and owned an alias. This form will let us know to change your forwarding address.

What happens if my forwarding address stops working?

It all depends on the policy of your non-JHSPH internet service provider. Normally, messages are bounced back to the sender. It should not break your JHSPH address.

How long will it take to activate a JHSPH forwarding?

As soon as the Alumni office has confirmed your request. It takes about 48 hours during the weekday to process your alumni alias.