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Brown Scholars

Stacey Lloyd

Stacey Lloyd - Brown ScholarStacey Lloyd's life experiences, training and education have fostered an interest in promoting positive mental health outcomes for children, particularly those from underserved populations and those who have been exposed to adverse life events.

After earning a BS in Sociology at James Madison University, she mentored youth who were struggling with social, emotional and behavioral problems. Though she found working directly with youth both enjoyable and rewarding, she decided to focus her efforts on research, pushing the field toward more effective interventions for this population. She gained experience in several relevant research areas, including intervention development and evaluation, comparative effectiveness review and community-based participatory research. Her graduate studies in Maternal and Child Health at the University of North Carolina and work with the UNC Program on Health Disparities resulted in a deeper understanding of social determinants of health for children.

As Lloyd pursues a doctorate in Mental Health at the Bloomberg School, her goal is to further develop her health services research skills and knowledge, while expanding her understanding of the etiology of child and adolescent psychopathology.