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Brown Scholars

Michele Taylor - Brown ScholarsMichelle Taylor

PhD Student - Population, Family and Reproductive Health


You have to help people where they live to effect any kind of real change. 

Michelle Taylor, MD, MS
Enrolled 2009

Just before she moved to Baltimore, Michelle Taylor worked briefly with an 18-year-old female patient at the Memphis Children’s Clinic. The young woman needed to get her weight under control. A month after the first visit, she returned. She had faithfully followed Taylor’s request to keep a food and exercise diary. And she lost some weight.

Taylor was encouraged by the small success, but she wants to multiply that result a thousand-fold. She thinks a special diet application on mobile devices, for example, could help people track what they eat. Another possible solution: classes for the community on how to grow and prepare fresh food. Such programs, she says, could yield many success stories.

As a Brown Scholar, Taylor wants to build on the resources provided by the Johns Hopkins Center for Adolescent Health and the Urban Health Institute to develop a Baltimore-based adolescent obesity treatment and prevention program.

The Brown Scholarship, Taylor says, was key to her decision to pursue a doctoral program at Johns Hopkins: “The idea that it encourages community health research among its recipients will give me a unique opportunity to tackle an issue that plagues urban communities across the country, an issue that I faced each and every day in clinical practice.”