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Brown Scholars

Michelle Taylor

You have to help people where they live to effect any kind of real change.Michelle Taylor, MD, MS
PhD Student, Population, Family and Reproductive Health
Enrolled 2009

Michelle Taylor is a fourth-year doctoral student at the Bloomberg School. A practicing pediatrician for four years in Memphis, Tenn., she decided to pursue her doctorate in public health after caring for an increasing number of overweight and obese children in her patient population. During her years of practice at Memphis and Shelby County Pediatric Group and Memphis Children’s Clinic, Taylor continuously sought methods to better communicate with families and provide health care employing preventive medicine strategies. 

Now, at Hopkins, as a Brown Scholar and Johnson & Johnson Community Health Care Scholar, she hopes to advocate for policy changes and create effective interventions that eradicate childhood obesity and other health inequities often encountered in under-resourced populations. In addition, she strives to change the conversation in the medical community about how best to provide care to all populations through a community-led approach. Her proposed dissertation work will examine the role of educational quality in the relationship between educational attainment and adult health outcomes.

After graduating from Howard University in 1997, Taylor earned her MD from East Tennessee State University in 2002, and completed her residency training at East Tennessee State University and the University of Tennessee (LeBonheur Children’s Medical Center). Prior to her medical education, she taught high school biology in the Memphis City School System. She earned her master of science in Epidemiology in 2009 from the University of Tennessee and began the doctoral program at the Bloomberg School that same year. As a graduate student, she has assisted the Johns Hopkins Urban Health Institute in the development of an overview of health disparities in the Baltimore community. In addition, she is a Captain in the Tennessee Air National Guard, serving as a flight surgeon. 

Taylor’s varied experiences as a teacher, physician and military officer continue to contribute to her unique perspective on the delivery of smart, compassionate health care within the public health realm.