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Brown Scholars

Amanda Latimore

You can’t do a hit and run. I want to know the problems inside and out.Amanda Latimore, MA
PhD Student, Epidemiology
Enrolled 2007

Amanda Latimore

A few years ago in Los Angeles, Amanda Latimore led an HIV risk reduction session with a woman who showed up with a bandage on her neck. Latimore discovered during the interview that the woman’s son had recently been killed (likely because of gang violence), she had been stabbed with an ice pick (hence the bandage), and she was evicted from her home on the same day as the stabbing.

“And I’m going to lecture her on condom use?” says Latimore, recalling the conversation. “I certainly had intentions to do so, but realized they were irrelevant at this stage of her life. It crystallized for me then that you can’t just address the individual, we need to take care of the community’s entire support system.”

Latimore wants to bring such a holistic approach to Baltimore.

Two years into her mission, Latimore says the Brown Scholars program has already transformed her personally and professionally. She’s learned from faculty as well as local and state leaders, community advocates and other inspiring individuals. “While I arrived with the conviction to make a difference in Baltimore, the Brown Scholars program has armed me with the tools to make it happen and the confidence that change is possible,” says Latimore.