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Brown Scholars


Karina Christiansen

A Health Policy and Management doctoral student, Karina's research interests include the politics of health policy, urban food policy and health disparities.

Desmond Flagg

A fourth-year doctoral student, Desmond is a research assistant with the Center for a Livable Future with interests in child obesity prevention and food policy. 

Stacey Lloyd

A doctoral student in Mental Health, Stacey wants to further develop her health services research skills and knowledge, while expanding her understanding of the etiology of child and adolescent psychopathology.

Roxanne Mirabal Beltran

Roxanne is interested in health disparities in Latino communities, particularly how race, gender, education and socioeconomic status contribute to this disparity equation.

Yeeli Mui

Yeeli developed a deep appreciation for nutrition issues while working on community-based initiatives at the Rudd Center for Food Policy and Obesity.

Allysha Robinson

Allysha's doctoral research focuses on medical adherence among HIV-positive injection drug users in East Baltimore.

Michelle Taylor

As a Brown Scholar and Johnson & Johnson Community Health Care Scholar, Michelle hopes to advocate for policy changes and create effective interventions that eradicate childhood obesity and other health inequities often encountered in under-resourced populations.

Aracelis Torres

Aracelis is a second-year doctoral student with a focus on health disparities.

Stacey Woods

Stacey is pursuing a doctorate in Environmental Health Sciences and following her passion to conduct research focused on environmental justice.

Jessica Young

A third-year doctoral student in Health Policy and Management, Jessica focuses her research on health disparities and health equity.