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Admissions FAQs

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I'm a recent undergrad with no work experience. What are my options?

The Bloomberg School offers nine public health graduate degrees from ten academic departments. These degrees include our Schoolwide Master of Public Health (MPH) as well as departmental degrees focusing on over fifty public health topics. Also available are combined degree options, certificates, and other non-degree opportunities.

While public health work experience enhances any application, only our Schoolwide MPH and DrPH programs require it.

Does the Bloomberg School participate in SOPHAS?

Applications to the Schoolwide MPH are processed through the Schools of Public Health Application Service (SOPHAS). This includes applications to the full-time MPH, online/part-time MPH, MPH/MBA, and MPH portions of the MPH/MSW, MPH/JD and MPH/MD.

MPH/MSN applications are processed through the Johns Hopkins School of Nursing.

All other degree, residency and certificate applications are processed online by the Bloomberg School's Admissions Services.

How do I apply to the MPH?

MPH applications (including applications to the full-time MPH, online/part-time MPH, MPH/MBA, and MPH portions of the MPH/MSW, MPH/JD and MPH/MD) are processed through SOPHAS. We encourage you to carefully review the instructions specific to MPH applicants.

MPH/MSN applications are processed through the Johns Hopkins School of Nursing.

How do I apply to other public health programs at the Bloomberg School?

Applications to the following programs are processed online by the Bloomberg School's Admissions Services:

Applicants to these programs will find detailed instructions within the online application and under "How to Apply."

What do I need to submit with my application?

Application deadlines and requirements vary by department, degree and sometimes degree track. In general, degree applicants need to submit official transcripts, standardized test scores, English proficiency test scores (if applicable), three letters of recommendation, resume and a personal statement.

International applicants and applicants with international academic records may have additional requirements to fulfill.

Please note: our Schoolwide MPH program uses a different application than the rest of the School's degree programs. It's critical that you know your program and which application applies.

What standardized tests do I need to take?

Generally, all applicants are required to submit an official standardized test score. The GRE is the most universally accepted. Some programs within the Bloomberg School will accept alternate scores (MCAT, LSAT or GMAT). Once you decide on a degree program, review the application requirements to determine the appropriate standardized test.

Keep in mind, test results can take up to five weeks to reach Admissions Services. So please plan to take the appropriate test well in advance of any application deadlines.

Do I need to submit TOEFL or IELTS scores with my application?

International students from countries where English is not the official language must submit the scores of an English language proficiency test. The Bloomberg School will accept either TOEFL or IELTS scores to fulfill this requirement. Details regarding this requirement and possible exemptions may be found on the international applicant page.

Does it cost anything to apply?

For MPH applicants, the SOPHAS application fee is $120 USD.

For all other programs, the Bloomberg School application fee is $45 USD per application and is non-refundable. Applications cannot be processed until payment is received.

Can I request an application fee waiver?

You may request an application fee waiver only if you meet a very specific criteria.

Can I apply to more than one degree program at once?

The Bloomberg School recommends that you take your time researching our offerings and focus on the program that best suits your goals and interests. You may, however, apply to more than one.

Applying to Multiple Programs (neither of which is the MPH)

To apply to multiple programs, you must create separate Bloomberg School applications and pay separate application fees for each. If neither program is the MPH, you do not need to submit duplicate copies of supporting materials (e.g., transcripts, standardized test scores or letters of recommendation). However, you should submit separate personal statements explaining your varying interests.

Please answer "Yes" to the application question that reads, "Have you applied to JHSPH previously?" and enter the appropriate academic year.

Applying to Multiple Programs (MPH, plus another JHSPH degree program)

As of Spring 2014, you would need to submit one set of official materials to SOPHAS for the MPH application and another set to the Bloomberg School for your additional program.

Please stay posted. We're working on a solution to make this scenario less of a burden on our applicants.

I went to an institution located in the United States. How do I send my transcript?

Those using the Bloomberg School application should contact their previous institution(s) and have an official transcript sent directly to Admissions Services. If your previous institution sends the transcript to you instead, don't open it! Place your sealed documents in another envelope and mail them to Admissions Services, JHSPH, 615 N. Wolfe Street, Suite E1002, Baltimore, Maryland 21205.

MPH applicants should carefully follow the directions on the SOPHAS website for submitting transcripts.

I went to an institution outside of the United States. How do I send you my transcript?

Regardless of your citizenship, language or home country, if you attended a post-secondary institution outside of the United States, you must have your academic records evaluated by an external, U.S.-based credentials evaluation agency. Those using the Bloomberg School application must choose an agency that will include a copy of their transcripts or marks sheets in its credentialing report. More information may be found on the international applicant page.

MPH applicants should carefully follow the directions on the SOPHAS website for submitting an official credentials evaluation through WES.

I went to multiple institutions, do I have to send transcripts from each school or just where I received my degree?

Johns Hopkins University requires transcripts from each and every university attended, regardless of the number of credits earned or if the grades appear on your home institution's transcript.

I am a U.S.-based student who studied abroad. Do I need to submit documentation from my study abroad school?

If you are a domestic student and your courses, grades and credits from your study abroad program appear on your home school's official transcript, you do not need to submit a transcript from your study abroad institution. If this information does not appear on your home school transcript, please see the additional instructions on the international applicant page.

I attended the Bloomberg School in the past and am now applying to another degree program. Do I need to order official JHSPH transcripts for my new application?

No. If you were previously a student at the Bloomberg School, you need not order formal official transcripts. If you list the Bloomberg School in the "Academic History" of your application, our staff will pull your records from ISIS.

Please note, our office does not have access to transcript information from other schools within Johns Hopkins University. If you attended any other Hopkins' school, you will need to request official transcripts and have them sent to us.

After I apply, how can I check the status of my application?

You can monitor the status of your Bloomberg School application by logging into your online application account. Keep in mind, Admission Services receives hundreds of applications every day and it might take up to two weeks to process your materials and post them to your online account.

I haven't heard anything about my application. When will they make a decision?

After you submit your application and all the required materials are received and processed, your application will be marked complete and sent to the appropriate admissions review committee. The time it takes for the committee to make a decision varies depending on the department and program. You will be notified when a decision is reached.

I don't want to apply to a full degree program. Can I just take a few classes?

The Bloomberg School allows individuals to take one or two classes as a non-degree seeking student. This is known as a "Special Student Limited." The Office of Student Accounts and Business Services handles the application for non-degree seeking students.

I'm interested in a certificate program at the Bloomberg School. How do I apply?

Bloomberg School certificate applications are processed by Admissions Services. Requirements can vary. The certificate website is currently being updated to provide the most up-to-date information.

I'm a past applicant and am now applying to another school. Could you send my transcripts and test scores to that admissions office?

All application materials submitted to the Bloomberg School become the property of the school. We cannot return material to an applicant or forward any materials outside the school.

How much is tuition?

Tuition and fees are administered by the Office of Student Accounts and Business Services. Tuition can change from year to year. Current rates and potential fees (including the application fee, matriculation fee, activity fee and possible proctoring fees) are posted on our website.

Do you offer scholarships?

Yes, the Bloomberg School awards several competitive, merit-based scholarships to accepted students who are pursuing a full-time program. Be sure to review the scholarships page for more information.

Do you offer financial aid?

The Financial Aid Office at the Bloomberg School provides assistance with federal and private loans and the Federal Work-Study Program. For more information, be sure to visit the Financial Aid Office.

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