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One of my favorite things in the Wolfe Street Building, home to the Bloomberg School of Public Health, is the Wall of Wonder. A show piece at the end of the hall from the main entrance, the Wall of Wonder is a large screen that departments and institutes reserve for a slide show. Usually the content is related to an event, guest speaker or current research that is taking place at the School. Below are some examples.

Zika Symposium Picture

This slide was from the Zika Symposium we hosted in February. You can read more about it in the February 16 blog.


Vaccine Day Photo

Remember when I was hyped for Vaccine Day? Here’s one of the pictures submitted for the photo contest that was shown on the Wall of Wonder.


Career Fair Photo

I took this picture the day of the Career Fair.

Moore Center Photo

One of the facts posted by the Moore Center for the Prevention of Child Sexual Abuse for their Symposium.

The Wall of Wonder has also been used to live stream big events, like the World Cup and Presidential Inaugurations. When you’re on campus, I encourage you to take a few moments to learn some fun facts via the Wall of Wonder.

Time to do a little spring cleaning, provide policy reminders and a few blog tips...

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Happy Earth Day Eve! With Earth Day in April, it only seems fitting that the Centennial Celebration Featured Department is the Department of Environmental Health Sciences. Here are some highlights of the many events the department planned:

Earlier this month they hosted a Water Symposium discussing ways to reuse water. Dr. Joe Jacangelo, Director of Research at MWH Global and adjunct JHU Faculty; Katie Bell, Water Reuse Practice leader at MWH Global and JHU Visiting Scholar; and Kellogg Schwab, JHSPH Environmental Health Science Professor and Director of the JHU Water Institute presented during the 2 hour symposium.

Last week JHSPH hosted the Pan-American Conference for Alternative Methods from April 12-14.

Appropriately, The Department of Environmental Health Sciences has chosen Earth Day (tomorrow), for their Centennial Service Day, which will take place at the Community Gardens.

To close out the month, The Center for A Livable Future will host “Public Health in Action: Stories from the Local Food System” on April 28. The event will feature five local food system plays – a food czar, an advocate, a clergy-activist, an environmental journalist and a chicken farmer.

To see all that was arranged, check out the Department of Environmental Health Sciences’ Centennial Celebration Page.

To all of you who have accepted our offer of admission, congratulations! Welcome to the Bloomberg School of Public Health!

We’ve been getting a lot of questions lately regarding when you will receive your JHEDID. MPH students should expect to receive their JHED ID about a month prior to orientation. For all other programs, check your e-mail about two months before orientation.

For those of you wanting to complete the Introduction to Online Learning (IOL) Course, you may sign up for a CoursePlus account without a JHED ID. Simply make sure to update your account with the JHED ID once you receive it.

Remember, don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you have any questions.

As I learned when I started here at the Bloomberg School of Public Health, Public Health is about serving the communities and the population, rather than the individual. All our students have a particular focus on what topic in a particular community or population they want to work with, whether it is toilets in India, Dengue Virus research, gun policy, or one of the thousands of other topics being researched and studied. But putting into practice what you’re learning in the Baltimore community is a wonderful opportunity open to all Bloomberg students.Student Volunteering

The Student Outreach Resource Center (SOURCE) was founded ten years ago to connect the Bloomberg School of Public Health, the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine and the Johns Hopkins School of Nursing with the Baltimore community. Partnering with a large number of organizations ranging from advocacy, chronic/infectious diseases, and tutoring/mentoring, students from the medical campus are able to reach out with their personal skills and expertise and practice public health in our urban setting. Whether students are looking for a short term or long term commitment, our students have the opportunity to put into practice the very ideas they are discussing during class in the community.

Our tagline is Protecting Health, Saving Lives-Millions at a Time. That tagline isn’t just referring to the work as a whole the School is doing, or what our alumni have and are accomplishing, it also is for our current students who volunteer in Baltimore thanks to the opportunities SOURCE provides.