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Baltimore's Hampden Neighborhood“Where should I live?”

That was probably the most common question I heard at our two Admitted Student Visitors Days (aside from, “where’s the nearest restroom?”).

While I can easily direct you to the nearest lavatory, I don’t have a definitive answer about housing. That depends a lot on your personal preferences, budget and needs.

I can, however, provide a host of resources for those incoming students looking for a place to live.

Last, but far from least. . .

The Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions (JHMI)
Office of Housing and Residential Life

We talk about JHMI Housing on both our external and Admitted Student websites (the latter requires a login and password). The Housing office can help admitted students (and current students, faculty and staff) find a home, carpools, hotels, daycare and more! Their website has a great off-campus apartment search (a guest password may be found on our Admitted Student website). JHMI Housing staff is also available for personal consultations.

And as always, our staff is here to answer any questions we can. Most of us have lived or still live in Charm City and are happy to share our experiences, favorite place to eat, or simply direct you to the nearest restroom.

Tomorrow, SOURCE – or the Student Outreach Resource Center – will be celebrating its Tenth Year!

SOURCE was established in 2005 as a resource for students of the schools of medicine, nursing and public health to put the skills learned in the classroom to work in our community. Below is an infographic illustrating their accomplishments over the last decade.

SOURCE Infographic

Congratulations, SOURCE!

Happy Birthday!


Spring cleaningTime to do a little spring cleaning, provide policy reminders and a few blog tips...

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Over the next few months, the 2015-2016 application cycle will end.

Some of you (and some of us) are already looking to the next cycle. That application (for the 2016-2017 academic year) will likely open September 2015. In the meantime. . .

What should you do now?

  1. Contemplate your public health interests, passions and goals.
  2. Find the program that will best provide you the tools to reach those goals
  3. Learn your chosen program’s application requirements and deadlines
  4. Arrange to take the necessary standardized tests, allowing time to prepare and re-take if necessary
  5. If needed, arrange to take the necessary English language proficiency tests
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