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Answer sheetThe Admissions staff wears many hats - especially in the spring. We are advising prospective students, processing applications, supporting admitted students, planning orientations, and in May, helping with Graduation!


Let’s not get ahead of ourselves. With nine application deadlines still to come, some of you still need information on that process.

Today, let’s talk English language proficiency tests.

To be a successful student, you need to understand lectures, take notes, converse with peers, write thoughtful papers, read and retain a variety of information from diverse sources. Here at the School of Public Health, you need to do all those things in English.

We want our students to succeed, so we ask our international students to take one of two English language proficiency tests: the TOEFL or the IELTS.

Admissions will waive this requirement only if:

  • you completed a four-year degree from an accredited U.S. institution
  • you’re from a country listed on the quick reference list.

If you’re required to take one of these tests, make sure you do so well before the application deadline. To schedule your exam, contact the administrator for the exam of your choice.

The minimum scores accepted on these exams are:

  • TOEFL computer-based version – 250
  • TOEFL paper-based version – 600
  • TOEFL online version – 100
  • IELTS – 7

Additional application requirements specific to international students may be found:

Woman with computerYou've had a lot of questions! We spent quite a bit of last week answering email inquiries and I kept a tally of the questions asked.

Below are the top five questions from the first week of the new year.  I’ll answer them briefly now, provide links to additional information, and address each one in detail later this month.

  1. Have you received my transcripts/test scores/letter of recommendations?

We’re happy to check, but if your application is submitted, you can monitor its status by logging into your online application.

Also see “Welcoming the Flood” and “Our Process – Part 2: What Happens When I Click Submit?”

  1. Will you waive my TOEFL/IELTS scores?

Admissions will waive the English language proficiency test score required of international applicants if:

1) you completed a four-year degree from an accredited U.S. institution

2) you’re from a country listed on the quick reference list.

  1. Attached (to my email) are my transcripts/test scores/letter of recommendations.  Please add them to them my application.

Emailed attachments are considered unofficial. Many of our programs will not review an application unless the supporting materials are official.

  1. Can I add a fourth recommendation provider?

Absolutely! Admissions staff can add them on the administrative end.

After entering your first three providers, email admissions your fourth provider’s name, contact information, whether you will be waiving the right to view the letter, and whether the provider will be submitting on or offline.

  1. I attended a school outside the U.S.  Do I really need to submit a credentials evaluation? Can’t you just review my official transcript?

Regardless of your citizenship, language or home country, if you attended a post-secondary institution physically located outside the United States, you must have your academic records evaluated by an NACES-approved credential evaluation agency.

An official transcript from an international institution will not suffice.

I hope this helps!