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Summer will officially start next week, but no vacations yet!

We’re getting ready to welcome approximately 280 full-time MPH Students!

Admissions Staff stuffing Orientation Packets
(above: your friendly admissions staff stuffing Orientation packets)

If you’re an admitted student looking for Orientation information, visit the Admitted Student Website (login and password required) or contact us!

See you soon!

Compass for OrientationThis is always a strange time of year in admissions.

Last week, we helped with Convocation. This week, we’re processing some of the last applications for 2015-2016. Next month, we’ll be welcoming full-time MPH students at Orientation! Online/part-time MPH students arrive this weekend!

Time flies when you work in admissions.

Are you coming?

Orientation is mandatory for incoming students. The event next month (June 29-30) is for full-time MPH students only. A separate event is held for those newly enrolled in departmental degrees in the fall.

Are you ready?

A checklist for new MPH students (login and password required) of things to do now, things to do at Orientation, as well as a few frequently asked questions may be found on the Admitted Student website. We encourage you to take a look and prepare to be oriented!

See you soon!

Fall Orientation is underway!

We thought we'd share a few photos.

Fall Orientation Photos

So far, this "selfie" by associate deans Ward and Gange is our favorite!

Deans' Selfie

Welcome banner in galleryFall Orientation has begun and we’re excited to meet our incoming students!

Students starting degree programs in the departments of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology; Environmental Health Sciences; Epidemiology; Health Behavior and Society; and International Health report today.

We’ll meet students from the departments of Biostatistics; Health Policy and Management; Mental Health; Molecular Microbiology and Immunology; and Population Family and Reproductive Health tomorrow.

All new degree students attend Friday’s orientation activities.

Welcome New Students!

Fall Orientation starts one week from today!

Agendas are printed, breakfast is ordered and all 500 water bottles are washed!

Freshly washed water bottles