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Water bottlesThe next few days here at the Bloomberg School are pretty busy. All students are now on campus as today we welcomed the rest of the incoming students to campus. Classes start on Thursday so returning students are milling about as well.

Orientation is a rite of passage for students, but it’s also a mark for all of us in higher education. It is the beginning of a new year and we are excited to finally meet the students we’ve been e-mailing and helping though the application process.

To all our incoming students, welcome! And to those of you looking at a applying, we wish you the best in your application!

Welcome new students!

We’re so glad to meet you!

Fall Orientation 2015

Only one week until Fall Orientation!

500 agendas are printed.

500 cups of coffee are ordered.

500 Centennial water bottles are washed and waiting

I think we’re ready. Are you?

Centennial water bottle

This morning, we are welcoming approximately 275 full-time Master of Public Health students to the Bloomberg School of Public Health!

You made it! Welcome!


Earlier this month, I introduced you to the offices of Student Affairs.

Today, I’d like to focus on one of those offices – particularly for you admitted students.

As admitted students become current students, their files move from admissions to the Office of Records and Registration. R&R is the go-to office for so many things: registering for courses, ordering Bloomberg School transcripts, veterans benefits and eventually graduation.

Incoming MPH students (just a few more days!) should see the checklist R&R has provided.

Reminders and the latest R&R information can be found on Facebook or Twitter.