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Dir. Financial AidI receive lots of questions about financial aid, but can only answer the most basic. So, today I’m providing you a better resource.

Meet Flora Wharton, Director of Financial Aid here at the Bloomberg School.

Q: What types of financial assistance are available at the Bloomberg School?

A: The Financial Aid Office provides assistance with loans and work-study funding.  Scholarships are awarded through our academic departments. 

Q: How do prospective students find out about and apply for scholarships?

A: All admitted students are considered for scholarships through their department.  No application is required.  Please visit our Funding Opportunities for a listing of available scholarships. 

Q: Can applicants apply for financial assistance before they hear their admissions decision?

A: Yes, applicants may begin the application process for loans and work-study funding by completing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and listing our school code, E00234, so we receive their data.

Q: Can applicants apply for financial aid after the March 15 filing date?

A: Yes, financial aid applications are processed on a rolling basis.  

Q: Is there assistance available for international students?

A: Yes, although limited, our academic departments do provide scholarship assistance to international students.  Please visit our Funding Opportunities for a listing of available scholarships.

International students cannot participate in the federal loan programs, but they can apply for a private education loan.  Visit our website for more details.   

Do you have more questions for Financial Aid? Email them at

Thoughtful studentAs our programs begin admitting students, we begin receiving questions about funding.

Below are some initial resources to guide you.

Helping students find a way to fund their education is a Schoolwide effort. See this week’s web story, “Support for Students.

Most institutional scholarships are granted through the academic departments or MPH Program Office.  Your application for admission is also reviewed for scholarship eligibility. In most cases, no other forms are needed. You should contact your program of interest for information regarding available opportunities.

The Financial Aid office provides help with loans (federal and private) and the Federal Work-Study Program. Their website offers a wealth of information. They may also be contacted at

The Office of Academic Affairs developed a Funding Opportunities database for students seeking external funding. This database is searchable using a number of criteria and provides information regarding internal and external funding resources.

Tuition and fees are administered by the Office of Student Accounts. Rates can change from year to year. The most up-to-date information is on the website.

Look for additional funding posts on this blog throughout the spring!

Best wishes to you!


Change purseWe know funding is a major concern for prospective students. So today, we’re providing a brief overview of how funding works at the Bloomberg School.


Scholarships are typically administered by the individual academic departments and the MPH program office. You need not apply separately for these scholarships. Your application for admission will be reviewed by your prospective department/program for the possible award of scholarships and/or any funds from the appropriate training grant.

Scholarship availability changes from year to year and varies by department. If you have questions about possible scholarships, you should contact your department of interest directly.

Federal Financial Aid

Federal financial aid includes Federal Direct Unsubsidized Loans, Federal Perkins Loans, Federal Direct Graduate PLUS Loans, Federal Work Study and veteran’s benefits. This type of funding is administered by the Financial Aid Office.

If you’re a domestic admitted student interested in applying for federal aid, review the application procedures provided by the Financial Aid Office carefully. Please note, the suggested filing date for new students was March 15 and the suggested filing date for returning students is May 1. These are not deadlines, you can still apply, but we encourage you to do so as soon as possible.

Federal aid is awarded with funds from the U.S. government, so unfortunately, if you’re not a citizen or permanent resident of the U.S., you are not eligible for these funds.

Private Loans

Another way to finance your education is through private loans. The Financial Aid Office, which certifies these loans, provides guidance for those seeking this sort of assistance.

Other Funding Resources & Information

While the Bloomberg School provides funding for many students, there are students we are unable to fund. If you’re one of these students, here are some links to help you:

Best wishes!