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I have nothing more to add.


As individuals who live, work, study and play in this city, we’re often frustrated by the image of Baltimore in the media.

It’s true, like many large cities, we struggle with issues surrounding poverty, drugs and crime. But Baltimore is more than just those things. We’re a city of neighborhoods, history, culture and yes, charm.

The video below has been circulating on social media. I think it shows a different view of Baltimore. See what you think. . .

ASCEND BALTIMORE from Storyfarm on Vimeo.


In yesterday's post, "Baltimore is Star-Spangled," I mentioned the Blue Angels...

Blue Angels

Blue Angels

Fort McHenryThis is a very special week in Baltimore.

Tall ships begin arriving today as part of week-long festivities celebrating the 200th anniversary of the Battle of Baltimore. The day is revered by Baltimoreans as the day their city defeated the most powerful navy in the world. The day is revered by our country because it commemorates the writing of “The Star-Spangled Banner.”

This week’s celebration will include living history demonstrations, historic ship tours, live music, fireworks and my personal favorite: a performance by the Blue Angels.

O’ Say Can You See?

Bike in front of JH Hospital Today’s forecast is soggy, to say the least.

It’s National Bike to Work (or School) Day, but many festivities have been postponed because of today’s heavy rain.

That’s not to say folks won’t ride their bike to work. Lots of people bicycle commute every day for their health, their pocketbook and the environment. In fact, Maryland was recently ranked the #7 most bicycle friendly state by the League of American Bicyclists.

For more on biking in Maryland and Baltimore specifically, visit the following resources.