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Girl using computerAre you waiting for your transcripts to arrive before submitting your online application?

Don’t wait!

Your materials may arrive in any order. The important thing is that they arrive BEFORE the application deadline. Once the deadline has passed, if we have not received your materials, you may not be reviewed.

Don’t risk it! Submit those applications and materials now!

If your documents arrive before you formally submit your application, we date stamp and place them in a holding file for up to two years. Once we receive your online application (about a day or so after you hit submit), our wonderful coordinators check our holding files, pull the appropriate documents and match them to your online account. You can follow that process by logging back in to your online application account.

Best wishes to you and your application!

Green light - go!You've researched our academic programs and found one providing the tools to fulfill your public health goals. What should you do next?

Start your application!

Applications to the Bloomberg School are submitted online through a service called ApplyYourself (AY).  To start an application, create an AY account and receive your password and pin.

Log in to your brand new application and enter your contact information, academic history, program you’re applying to, employment history, etc.  Supporting materials such as your personal statement and resume may be uploaded to your online account. Enter your recommendation providers and their contact information. They will receive an email providing the opportunity to provide a secure online recommendation.

You have the ability to save your work, log out and come back later. You may complete the application in a day, over several days or even several months. Just be sure to submit your application before the deadline of your program!

While you work on composing the perfect application, you should also order supporting materials (i.e. transcripts and test scores) and have them officially sent to Admissions Services. Materials you send as emailed attachments will not be accepted.

Application requirements can vary, so read our instructions carefully.

Applicants with international academic records should be aware of our credentials evaluation requirement and begin that process well in advance of their application deadline.

Supporting materials are also due before the application deadline. If your documents arrive before you formally submit your application, we’ll date stamp and keep them in a holding file for up to two years. No need to wait, submit those materials now!

Are you ready? Set. Go!

Young woman looking at computerThe application for programs beginning summer and fall 2014 is now open!

Do you wish to apply?

There are several resources providing instruction and guidance:

  • How to Apply” on the Admissions website
  • Admissions “FAQs
  • This blog
  • Our awesome staff - available by email or phone

Empty computer stationsOur staff is diligently working to launch the new application later this month. As part of that process, please note:

The JHSPH application for admission will be unavailable
Wednesday, August 21 through Friday, August 23.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to email us.

Woman at ComputerWe know some of you are anxious to begin your application for programs beginning summer and fall 2014. I have good news for you!

The 2014-2015 Application will open September 1 --  less than a month!

What can you do now?

  1. Learn about all the degrees and programs the Bloomberg School has to offer!
  2. Review the newly posted 2014-2015 application requirements and deadlines!
  3. Start requesting your official transcripts and test scores!
  4. Tell your favorite admissions coordinator how much you appreciate them!
    (I’m afraid this won’t affect the outcome of your application, but our coordinators could always use the encouragement!)