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Average test scoresPublic health is a quantitative discipline. But admission to a public health program is less about numbers and more about fit.

This is one reason we may hesitate when you ask about the average GRE score for accepted applicants.

Admissions statistics (e.g. average test scores, average GPAs, acceptance rates, etc.) vary greatly by department, program and sometimes even concentration or track. Public health draws individuals from a wide range of backgrounds and levels of experience. The number of applicants and number of available slots varies year to year. Test structures and evaluation procedures also change.

For all the reasons above, our office does not collect statistics for individual programs or for the School as a whole.

From our perspective, all components of the application (resume, personal statement, letters of recommendation, transcripts, test scores, etc.) are equally considered in the admission review. There are no minimums or cut-offs.

That’s not to say you should submit less than your best. Our programs are competitive (though how competitive also varies greatly!).

Each of our academic departments and the MPH program office have their own admissions review committee(s).  You may wish to contact the appropriate academic coordinator for a better idea of what makes a competitive application to your specific program. Contact information for coordinators is typically listed on the program’s website or you may contact us for help.

Best wishes to you and your application!

Armload of filesBy now, you’ve heard us say, “do your research.” We’ve encouraged you to review the website and ask questions to discover the program that will help you meet your public health goals.

We understand how hard this can be. Public health is a broad discipline and many of its areas are overlapping. There might be more than one path to your goal.

For that reason, we do allow you to apply to more than one program per application cycle.

Applying to Multiple Programs
(neither of which is the Schoolwide MPH)

To apply to multiple programs offered through our academic departments, you must create separate Bloomberg School Applications (one for each program you're applying to) and pay the application fee for each (disregard the warning about creating duplicate accounts). If neither program is the Schoolwide MPH, you do not need to submit duplicate copies of supporting materials (e.g., transcripts, standardized test scores or letters of recommendation). However, you should submit separate personal statements explaining your varying interests.

Please answer "Yes" to the application question that reads, "Have you applied to JHSPH previously?" and enter the appropriate academic year.

Applying to Multiple Programs
(MPH, plus a JHSPH departmental program)

This scenario is a bit more complicated.

You will need to create an MPH application in SOPHAS and an application to your departmental program using the Bloomberg School Application. Submit one set of official materials to SOPHAS for the MPH application and another set to the Bloomberg School for your additional departmental program.

We know this second process is somewhat burdensome and we apologize. It's simply the nature of having two application systems.

It's also yet another reason to do your research and make sure the program you're applying to is the right one for you.

Best wishes to you and your application(s)!

woman in computer labIf  you’ve been following us this fall, you know our School uses two application systems. Your program dictates which application to use.

Regardless of program and application, there is a fee associated with applying to our School. This fee must be paid for your application to be considered complete.

For the Bloomberg School Application (departmental master’s and all doctoral degrees) the fee is $45 USD.

For SOPHAS (public health common application used only for our Schoolwide MPH), the application fee is $120 USD for application to one school and an additional $45 USD for each additional school.

Application fee waivers are available only in very specific circumstances and only with the appropriate documentation.

We’ve set this out in detail on our website, but if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us (there is no fee for asking questions)!

stack of filesAre you planning to apply to the Bloomberg School for the 2015-2016 Academic Year?

Don’t wait. Start NOW.

As part of the application process, you need to request and submit a number of official documents (letters of recommendation, transcripts, standardized test scores, etc.).  If you have international academic records, you need to have them evaluated by an external credentials evaluation agency.

All these things – particularly the credentials evaluation – can take time. Sometimes several weeks.

Your application and all supporting materials must be in our office by the application deadline. Some programs are more forgiving than others, but late applications and/or late materials can prevent an application from being reviewed – for admission and/or for scholarships.

Listen to the bossy admissions blogger! Start NOW!

As you may have noticed, our mantra this application cycle is
Know Your Program!

To some, that sounds silly. Maybe even juvenile. Of course you know your program!

But here’s the thing--not everyone does.

We offer more degrees from more departments than any other school of public health. It’s wonderful! There are so many opportunities! But it’s also a little confusing.

A handful of people apply to the wrong program every year. In the past we were often able to help them, but things are different this year.

Our Master of Public Health now uses a separate application from our eight other public health degrees. And while the MPH is an amazing program, not everyone is eligible nor is it always the best fit. If you apply to the MPH by mistake, we won’t be able to fix it on the backend.

So, please ask questions. Review our website. Read the Prospectus. Come to Open House. Follow this blog.