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It doesn’t seem possible, but Fall Orientation is less than a month away!

Are you ready?

If you’re a new student starting this fall, check out the Orientation section of the Admitted Student website (login and password required). There you will find a checklist, information on parking, a tentative agenda and much more!

Don’t forget to double check when you’re expected to attend. We break Fall Orientation down by departments and you likely only need report two of the three days.

Fall Orientation August 27-29, 2014
- BMB, EHS, Epi, HBS and IH only August 27
- Biostat, HPM, MH, MMI and PFRH only August 28
- All departments August 29

We look forward to seeing you!

Are you an incoming student?

Young woman registering for IOLDo you plan to take a combination of online and on-campus courses?

If so, I have a very important message for you.

All Bloomberg School students must take Introduction to Online Learning (IOL) before enrolling in an online course. IOL is a free, non-credit, online mini course and it’s offered once a month for most of the year.

For additional details including course description, objectives and assignments, review the online IOL syllabus.

Please note: IOL is not required for those taking courses through Coursera.

application files with final documentsIn a few very specific circumstances, applicants are admitted without submitting final official documents.

Maybe they were in the process of finishing their degree and submitted “in-progress” transcripts. Perhaps their department granted an exception and reviewed their file with unofficial test scores. Whatever the reason, before beginning a degree program, applicants must submit final, official documents.

This isn’t just our rule, it’s a federal one.

All students must submit final documents, but if you receive federal aid, this rule has additional meaning. Federal law requires students to submit complete application records prior to receiving federal loan disbursements. If your application file is incomplete as determined by Bloomberg School admissions standards at the time of a disbursement, a hold will be placed on your financial aid disbursement until the School receives all required documents.

How do you know if your application is complete?

  1. Students admitted to the 2014-2015 academic year should log in to their online application.
  2. Look under "Other Supporting Documents."
  3. If you see “Not Received” it means you need to submit a final transcript, official transcript or official credentials evaluation.

Questions? Visit the Admitted Student website (login and password required) or contact Admissions Services.

Welcome studentsIt seems like convocation was just last week and already the halls are busy with students attending Summer Institutes or beginning their online/part-time MPH.

And would you believe?

Orientation for full-time MPH students is less than a month away!

Are you coming? Are you ready?

Orientation is mandatory for incoming students. The June 30-July 1 event is for full-time MPH students only (there’s a separate orientation in August for all other incoming degree students).

We’ve developed a checklist to help you prepare. This and other details regarding Orientation may be found on the Admitted Student Website (login and password required).

As always, you can email us with any questions.

Hope to see you soon!

vaccineIncoming students understandably have lots of questions.

Some questions are easy to answer, some are more complex.

A very common question is regarding immunization records. Some schools – particularly undergraduate institutions with on-campus housing – require incoming students to provide proof of immunization.

As a graduate school without traditional on-campus housing (see our extensive housing resources), we DO NOT require students to submit immunization records.

So, are immunization records required? NO!

That’s one of the easy questions.

Do you have another? Feel free to email us at