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Public health exhibit Do you know where and/or what this is?

It’s a photo of William Welch’s luggage and one of his notebooks. You can find it in one of two glass cases across from Sheldon Hall (our second largest lecture hall).

The cases house a number of public health artifacts: William Welch’s microscope, George Comstock’s UNICEF bag and an early 20th Century biostatistics calculating machine. There are vials, beakers and photos from various points on the timeline of public health.

It’s a mini museum right here in our own building.

Next time you’re here, take a look.

Water bottle filling stationThe Admissions staff is enamored with two relatively new additions to our building.

They’re water bottle filling stations!

Okay, maybe that doesn’t sound very exciting to you, but these stations are part of the School’s efforts toward sustainability.

In public health, we’re taught that bottled water is expensive, terrible for the environment and not better for you. Filling stations like these make cold, filtered tap water more convenient and easier to access than bottled water.

All you need is your own reusable container!

The current filling stations are on the second floor, across from the lavatories near the coffee shop and on the sixth floor, about halfway down the inner, east hall.

Rumor has it more are on their way.

There’s this little statistic we’re mighty proud of.

In fact, we’ve been proud of it for twenty years.

I’ll give you a hint.

Celebrating 20 years of Number One

My ten-year-old is a YouTube fanatic.  If allowed, he’d spend hours watching videos about sharks, snakes and a plethora of other critters that make my skin crawl.

For as much time as I spend on YouTube (albeit watching things slither and chomp), you’d think I’d be more aware of what’s available on the Bloomberg School channel.  Instead, I was pleasantly surprised when I sought out the Baltimore video for my “Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood” post.

Our School has so many wonderful videos! There’s an overview of the current Johns Hopkins Public Health magazine. There’s a thank you to the School’s 10,000 Facebook fans. And, of course, there are inspiring stories about our students, programs and research.

At the time of this post, there are 95 videos on the JohnsHopkinsSPH channel .

And best of all? None of them feature things that slither.


Since September, we’ve highlighted resources for prospective students considering our School. One resource we’ve neglected is the School’s award-winning magazine.

Johns Hopkins Public Health tells the stories behind public health – the people, places and science.  It’s published in the spring and fall, with occasional special issues covering topics like technology and malaria. The current edition is a special issue about death.

Don’t be misled and dismiss this topic as depressing. Consider our tagline: “Protecting Health, Saving Lives – Millions at a Time.” In order to protect and save, doesn’t it make sense to study what you’re saving from?

We think so.

The discussion of death is separated into three sections:

It’s a thought-provoking and sometimes beautiful read.