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General Preventive Medicine Residency


Make the world better, faster. The Innovation Catalyst (iCatalyst) program connects healthcare entrepreneurs with their market segment to inform innovation and implement a pilot. The iCatalyst program has two parts: Collaborative Innovation and the Startup Sandbox.

Collaborative Innovation:

Startups that are paired with our Innovators-in-Residence get the benefit of deep domain expertise or end-user experience for rapid iteration aligned with the Lean Startup model and a design-thinking based approach.  They get the benefit of having an end-user champion and advocate who has experienced or understands types and extents of pain points, has a sound grasp of factors in the market culture that can promote or inhibit product adoption, reimbursement models, regulatory and institutional policy environments, and competing priorities of the end-user.  

Startup Sandbox:

Getting that first pilot can be a challenge for an entrepreneur. The Startup Sandbox is a program that allows startups to do a limited pilot to showcase their primary value proposition without having to worry about broader issues of institutional integration, security, interoperability, work-flow, and a myriad of other issues that are legitimate institutional concerns but barriers to successful pilots. By doing a controlled pilot in a ‘sandbox’ environment, the startup can stress-test and improve its product while exposing its target users to its value proposition, generating demand, and making a strong case for institutional engagement.

For more information on the iCatalyst Program please contact: Yahya Shaikh, MD MPH.